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Featured Freebie!

Thanks for stopping by! Each week we provide exclusive FREEBIES from our shop and various small shops in the homeschool community! These freebies are only available for one week and will then be sold at regular price so be sure to download this week's freebie while you can!

Corn Study

This week's featured freebie is our Corn Study - Sample! 

Get an inside look at the For the Love of Homeschool Nature Study Club with this sample pack from our BRAND NEW Harvest Unit!  This pack contains readings, printables, and activities from week 1 Day 4 of our Harvest Unit, including:

  • Harvest Book List

  • Corn Anatomy & Lifecycle Poster & Flashcards

  • Day 4 Lesson Plan from the Teachers Manual - Harvesting Crops: Cor

  • Group Stem Activity - Properties of Matter: Liquid, Solid, or Colloid

  • Cloud Dough STEM Activity

  • Little Explorers Day 4 Activity - Seasonal Corn Rhythms Cut & Paste, Popping Popcorn Inquiry

  • Junior Explorers Day 4 Activities - Science of Popping Corn & Dancing Popcorn STEM Activity

  • Senior Explorer Day 4 Activity - History of Popcorn, Science of Popping Corn and 2 Science Labs

  • Expert Explorer Day 4 - History of Popcorn & Science of Popping Corn Inquiry


This sample pack feature age appropriate learning activities, STEM, and resources for family style learning! 

If you enjoy this pack be sure to check out our FULL Harvest UNIT that includes:


  • Apples, Pumpkins, and corn, Oh my!: Discover each crop's life cycle, how they are harvested and preserved and complete fun activities related to each one

  • Farm Equipment: Create a lift a flap tractor and learn more about large farm equipment like tractors and combines!

  • Canning: Have you ever tried canning food? We have some simple recipes included to help you learn how to plus beutiful posters!

  • Dried vs. Fresh Herbs: Explore how herbs differ in flavor based on how they are preserved and used.

  • Gemstone Corn: Check out this month’s group art project, where you will make brilliantly colorful maize to celebrate the harvest! 

  • Winter Bulbs and crops: Learn how winter bulbs and crops are planted and grown during the coldest months of the year! 

  • Garden Hoop STEM: Discover why making garden hoops is better for your winter crops than using a plain cover! 

  • Watercolor Tutorial: Follow along with watercolor artist Bonnie as you paint a beautiful picture

  • Play Our Original Game: Harvest Categories! As well as several other fun games to help review what you learn

  • Plus so much more!   

You can purchase the Harvest unit in our shop for $25 OR Join our Nature Study Club to get it for your first payment of $12!


We love being able to offer FREE weekly resources in order to help make homeschooling more affordable for families all around the world!

If you appreciate these freebies, you can help us be able to continue to provide them by 


1. Sharing our website with others!

2. Be sure to check out our shop where we have over 375 affordably priced resources! It's because of your ongoing support that we are able to offer these weekly freebies, and we very much appreciate each share, download, and purchase!



We hope that you enjoy this special free offer!
If you are looking for more affordable homeschool resources or to learn more about our membership programs below!


Here at For the Love of Homeschooling, we believe that homeschooling is for everyone, and each week we provide new, free resources that we hope will be a valued aid on your home learning journey!

If you are looking for more great deals and affordable homeschool resources, be sure to check out our various membership programs, which are the very best way to get our resources at a highly discounted rate!

From our monthly subscription clubs listed below to our Full Site Membership program, where  you can get ALL of our over 250 resources PLUS all  of the subscriptions below for 1 low price!

Nature Study Club

Our Nature Study Club is an in-depth, full-family curriculum that aims to take you and your children of all ages deeper into the world of nature than you've been before for just $12/mth! 


Here are the monthly benefits that Club Members receive:

  • A Brand New Printable Nature Study with in-depth daily plans, a teacher's manual, and student workbooks for 4 age levels (Little Explorer 3-5, Junior Explorer 6-8, Senior Explorer 9-11 & Expert Explorer 12 & up) delivered to your inbox ($25 value)

  • Original games, crafts, recipes, art projects PLUS a custom watercolor tutorial on the nature study topic of the month. 

  • Weekly nature freebies and discounts that won't be available anywhere else!(Min $10/mth)​

Bird of the Month Club

Our Bird of the Month Club is a fun and educational way to learn about different bird species from all around the world. 

Each month Club Members receive a brand new in-depth unit study on the Bird of the Month!


Each unit includes over 100 pages of posters, activities, and learning opportunities for children of all ages and can be completed in a family-style setting.

These studies can be purchased on their own in our shop for $10 OR get them for just $5/mth by joining our Bird of the Month Club!

Click below to see what birds we will be learning about this year!

World Explorer's Club
World Explorer's Club

Our World Explorer's Club

is an in-depth, all-ages curriculum that can be enjoyed worldwide and aims to help you and your children explore the fascinating countries and cultures around the world!


Each month club members will receive:

  • A Brand New Printable Country Study with in-depth daily plans, a teacher's manual, and daily activities for all ages ($20 value)​

  • Original games, crafts, recipes, art projects, and a step by step, how-to-draw tutorial 

  •  Special freebies and discounts that won't be available anywhere else! 

Join Now for the Introductory price of $10/month for the whole family!

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