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Each month you will receive beautifully curated and in-depth nature studies that can be enjoyed by the whole family as well as weekly freebies, giveaways, discounts, and MORE!! 

Winter Nature Signs & Survival

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Each month club members will receive:


  • A Brand New Printable Nature Study with in-depth daily plans, a teacher's manual, and student workbooks for 4 age levels (Little Explorer 3-5, Junior Explorer 6-8, Senior Explorer 9-11 & Expert Explorer 12 & up) delivered to your inbox ($25 value)

  • Original games, crafts, recipes, art projects, and a custom watercolor tutorial on the nature study topic of the month.

  • Weekly nature freebies and discounts that won't be available anywhere else! (Min $10/mth value)

  • Monthly prizes and giveaways that are exclusively for Nature Study Club Members


Our December Nature Unit is all about
Winter Nature Signs & Survival

Here's What Our Nature Rivers and Streams Unit Covers!

Join For the Love of Homeschooling and the Nature Study Club this December, as our explorers enjoy studying the 


The December Nature Study Club: Winter Nature Signs & Survival will teach you about survival skills in the great white north, or anywhere you may find yourself adventuring through a winter wilderness! 


  • Survival skills: Learn what to pack for the winter, how to find shelter, and more! 

  • Ice safety: Discover the safest colors for ice - as well as ice thickness and other helpful survival tips. 

  • Learn how to start a fire safely, and also create a blown paint campfire! 

  • Discover how to hydrate in extreme conditions - without lowering your core body temperature! 

  • Create a survival lanyard using survival supplies for our monthly Group art project!

  • Practice engineering with duct tape engineering in our group STEM this month! 

  • Make your very own energizing granola bar snacks to munch on as you sip tea and complete an art tutorial by @dwellinglogs 

  • Learn about winter insulation, and how snow is shockingly one of the warmest insulators nature provides! 


Our Nature Study Club explorers will learn that survival is more than just a distant skillset you will never use - this unit has safety and survival skills for everyone! 


The Nature Study Club extends to each and everyone of our explorers, encouragement and guidance for an amazing natural world education. From the earliest explorers to the more seasoned explorers, we strive to capture the interest of all, regardless of age or ability! Our club offers multiple levels of learning activities, a direct focus on family-style learning, plentiful STEAM opportunities for all ages, and the use of a wide range of academic skills in a fun and creative way! 

Our December Winter Signs & Survival study is truly amazing - and it’s available now so you can jump right in and explore with our club from day one! The exploration doesn’t stop at the end of December - our writers are already hard at work creating unique natural world education for our January Unit, The Human Body & The 5 senses! Please join us in exploring all that the wonderful winter months have to offer our explorers! 


Remember, we are passionate about providing a community for our explorers and their families! When you join the Nature Study Club, we invite you to follow us on Instagram and post often about your personal club experiences. We adore seeing your explorers in action! Seeing the posts of other Nature Study Club families also benefits one another as it may offer further ideas for how families might implement this study into their unique schooling experiences. Hope to see you there, fellow explorers! 

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