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Rainbow Mini Bundle
  • Rainbow Mini Bundle

    This special pack includes 3 great resources for 1 low price!  Our Rainbow Nature Study (ages 3-13), R is for Rainbow Ealy Learning Pack (ages 2-8), and our Rainbow Poster and Decor Set (all ages) (reg $24 for all 3 but get them in this mini bundle for $20)


    Here’s a full description of each unit:


    Rainbow Nature Study

    Explore the world of rainbows with our BRAND NEW Rainbow Nature Study! 


    In this study, you will discover how a rainbow is made and learn about 9 different varieties of rainbows including the incredible Moonbow! You will discover three different ways to make a rainbow on your own and observe and journal your rainbow sightings. You will also conduct three fun rainbow experiments and make three delicious rainbow-inspired recipes!

    Plus so much more!


    Here's the full list of everything included!


    • Information Posters - Learn all about rainbows with these information posters that cover what is a rainbow, rainbow ingredients, types of rainbows, and what is a halo.
    • Rainbow Anatomy & Colors poster - Includes rainbow colors and anatomy posters. Plus rainbow color identification and 3 part cards.
    • All Kinds of Rainbows - Includes information posters plus flashcards and 3 part cards for the following rainbow varieties: Rainbow, Double Rainbow, Twin Rainbow, Circular Rainbow, Monochrome Rainbow, Reflected Rainbow, Moonbow, Dewbow, and Fogbow.
    • Rainbows vs. Halos - Includes an information poster on the difference between rainbows and halos as well as information and 3 part cards on three types of halos.
    • Make Your Own Rainbow Poster - Use this poster to make your own rainbows! Includes three simple activities that you can do to make a rainbow.
    • Rainbow Observation Journal - Use this journal to record the different rainbows that you see in nature as well as to record your observations as you make your own rainbows. There are two observation templates included. Each page includes a section for drawing the rainbow and recording what you see.
    • Note Taking Sheets - Note-taking templates for your children to take notes as they learn about rainbows!
    • Poetry & Copy-work - Includes poetry and copy work printables for the poem 'Rainbows' by Walter De La Mare
    • Recipes - Includes 3 rainbow-inspired recipes (Rainbow Salad in a Jar, Rainbow Breakfast Pizza, and Rainbow Cupcakes)
    • Experiments - Includes 3 rainbow experiments (Rainbow in a Jar, Walking Rainbow, and Skittle Rainbow)


    R is for Rainbow Early Learning Pack


    Learn all about the letter R, the colors of the rainbow and so much more with our newest early learning pack! Includes 98 pages of early learning literacy, math, play, and rainbow fun!

    Here's the full list of what's included:


    ROY G BIV Activities:

    • ROY G BIV activities and worksheet
    • Rainbow Colors Cut and Paste
    • ROY G BIV Banner
    • Rainbow Color Flashcard and 3 Part Cards
    • Crafts and recipes to practice the ROY G BIV order!

    Literacy Activities:

    • R is for Rainbow Printable
    • Letter R Tracing Worksheets
    • R is for Rainbow 3 Part Cards
    • Word Tracing Worksheets
    • Upper and Lowercase Recognition Worksheets
    • Upper & Lower Case Matching Cards
    • My Book of Rainbow Colors Early Reader
    • A - Z Flashcards
    • Rainbow Banner

    Math Activities

    • Counting Worksheets
    • Number Recognition Worksheets
    • Number Tracing
    • Count & Clip Cards 1 - 12
    • Matching Worksheets
    • Patterning Worksheet
    • Graphing Worksheets
    • Simple Addition & Subtraction Problems
    • Number & Shape Flashcards
    • Addition & subtraction Rainbow Game
    • Color Matching activity and worksheet

    Play Activities:

    • Easy rainbow Crafts & Recipes
    • Rainbow Colors Scavenger hunt
    • Letter R Scavenger Hunt



    Rainbow Classroom Poster and Decor Set

    Features a variety of posters and awards including:

    • 12 display posters for your homeschool or classroom,
    • Alphabet & number posters: Includes A- Z and 1 - 20 posters that can be used for posters or identification cards,
    • Award Certificates: Includes 'Congratulations' and I'm So Proud of You' award certificates for a variety of actions as well as blank templates and ideas to create your own, First Day of Posters: Includes first day of posters from Preschool-grade 12 and homeschool


    * This is a digital product. No physical item will be sent


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