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Recycling Learning Pack
  • Recycling Learning Pack

    Introducing our Brand New Recycling Unit, designed to educate, engage, and inspire individuals of all ages to embrace the importance of recycling and sustainable practices. This all-in-one package includes a wide range of activities and resources that make learning about recycling and reducing waste fun and interactive


    The unit starts with a series of informative posters, including "What is Recycling?" and "The Recycling Process," which provide a clear understanding of the recycling journey. Additionally, "What is Composting?" and "The Composting Process" posters introduce the concept of composting, highlighting its role in reducing organic waste.


    To reinforce the principles of reducing, reusing, and recycling, our eye-catching "Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle" poster serves as a constant reminder of the three R's. The "What is Reuse and Reduce?" poster further explores these concepts, encouraging creative thinking and innovative ways to minimize waste.


    For hands-on learning, the unit includes engaging activities such as Recycling 3-Part Cards, Recycling Worksheets, Let's Recycle Matching Puzzles, and a Recycling Matching Game. These activities enhance cognitive skills, promote critical thinking, and reinforce recycling knowledge.


    To encourage independent learning, "My Book of Recycling" provides an interactive guide filled with facts, activities, and coloring pages. The Let's Recycle Clip Cards and My Recycling Coloring Book offer additional opportunities for interactive learning and creativity.


    The unit also presents exciting challenges with the "Trash to Treasure Creative Thinking" activity, where participants can transform discarded items into useful and artistic creations. The Sustainability Challenge Poster encourages individuals to take small, sustainable actions every day.


    To assess understanding, the unit includes a Helpful or Harmful Worksheet that tests knowledge of recycling practices. Participants can also showcase their creativity by designing a Sustainability Poster, promoting eco-friendly practices to a wider audience.


    As a bonus, we've included a fun craft activity - the Milk Carton Watering Can Craft - which repurposes plastic milk cartons into a useful gardening tool. And for a tasty treat, the Overripe Avocado Chocolate Cookies recipe demonstrates how food waste can be minimized by using up overripe produce.


    • What is Recycling? Poster

    • The Recycling Process Poster

    • What is Composting? Poster

    • The Composting Process Poster

    • Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Poster

    • What is Reuse and Reduce? Poster

    • Recycling 3-Part Cards

    • Recycling Worksheets

    • Let’s Recycle Matching Puzzles

    • Recycling Matching Game

    • My Book of Recycling

    • Let’s Recycle Clip Cards

    • My Recycling Coloring Book

    • Let’s Recycle Game

    • Trash to Treasure Creative Thinking

    • Sustainability Challenge Poster

    • Helpful or Harmful Worksheet

    • Create a Sustainability Poster

    • Milk Carton Watering Can Craft

    • Overripe Avocado Chocolate Cookies


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