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Weather Nature Study Unit
  • Weather Nature Study Unit

    Our Weather Nature study is a full 4 week Nature Study that will help you and your children of all ages take an in-depth look at the elements that make up the weather. This study teaches how the various weather elements combine to create different storms, weather systems, the wind, and more! What sets this nature study apart from any other out there is its focus on science, STEM, and using academic skills in a fun way all while the whole family learns together at their age level (including the parents!)


    Each of our Nature Studies includes a full Teacher's Manual that covers 4 weeks of lessons, a printable pack full of beautiful posters, flashcards, and 3-part cards as well as 4 student notebooks for the following age ranges: Little Explorer (3-5). Junior Explorer (6-8), Senior Explorer (9-11) & Expert Explorer (ages 12-16)


    In this study you will:


    * Learn about the elements that make up the weather: air pressure, sunlight, the water cycle, wind, clouds

    * Discover how these elements work together to create storm systems

    * Follow along with our watercolor artist and learn to paint several types of clouds in this months custom watercolor tutorial

    * Learn about weather around the world and fun facts like ancient weather studies and names for the wind around the world

    * Study Louise Nevelson and Found art - then make your own found art piece!

    * Create your own weather instruments - a barometer to measure air pressure, a thermometer to show temperature changes, and an anemometer to measure wind speed

    * Play several weather-inspired games!

    * Have a rainbow themed poetry teatime day with rainbow breakfast pizza, cloud cupcakes, or rainbow salad cups!

    * Complete simple but effective STEM projects that show cloud formation, hurricane formation, transpiration, and how air pressure works!

    * Create your own board game as a final project (Junior & Senior level)

    * Create a water cycle poster board to show your understanding of the water cycle (Little Explorers)

    * Learn all about weather proverbs and make your own book of them (Expert Explorers) 

    * Learn about careers in the weather and the unique skills working in the weather takes. 

    * Predict forecasts, learn Greek and Latin roots in the weather (Expert Explorers), and create your own phenology wheel to track the weather like the ancients did.



    * This is a digital product. No physical item will be sent.


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