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Insect Nature Study Unit
  • Insect Nature Study Unit

    Our Insect Nature study is a full 4 week Nature Study that will help you and your children of all ages learn about insects! In this study, we will take an in-depth look at what makes an insect and how insects live. This study teaches in-depth information on butterflies, dragonflies, ants, and honeybees! 

    You will write, create art, study the field of entomology, and conduct experiments and STEM activities to demonstrate insect anatomy and functions!  

    Here's more of what ou will do in this Insect Nature study!


    * Learn about four insects in depth: butterflies, dragonflies, ants, and honeybees

    * Discover how these insects work and live

    * Learn about insect life cycles and how they are the same, yet different

    * Study chromatography and then make your own butterfly using the concept! 

    * Create your own insect antennas! 

    * Design your own Insect hotel! 

    * Complete simple games like Roll and Insect to really learn all about insect classification!

    * Create your own insect shadow puppet theatre as a final project! (Senior level)

    * Create a mobile of insect life cycles to demonstrate all you’ve learned (Little Explorers)

    * Learn about entomologists and their fields of study in the insect world!

    * Create an insect model complete with spiracles and insect ‘guts’

    *Have an insect-themed poetry time choosing from recipes such as Honeybee snacks, butterfly celery sticks, anthill cupcakes, or honeyed fruit salad.



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