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Nesting Birds Nature Study
  • Nesting Birds Nature Study

    Our Nesting Birds Nature study is a full 4 week Nature Study that will help you and your children of all ages explore the fascinating world of Nesting Birds!


    Join us, as we:

    * Learn about 9 different bird nests and the birds that call them home 

    * Learn how to sketch & paint a nest with watercolors by following along with our talented watercolor artist in a full 14-minute watercolor art tutorial!

    * Play 4 printable games to review and extend your learning (includes games for all ages)

    * Bake some bird nest cupcakes or make some birdhouse sandwiches as you read poetry 

    * Record your nest sightings in your Bird Nest Observation Journal

    * Learn all about Charley Harper and make some Charley Harper inspired art

    * Build a suspended bird feeder to hang in your yard so you can observe your feathered friends

    * Learn to weave like a Baya Weaver on a handmade cardboard loom.

    * Build a mud nest and observe its rate of deterioration.

    * Present a research report on one of the nests and birds that you learn about.



    Our Nesting Birds Unit includes:


    • A full 4-week calendar and daily detailed lesson plans so that all you have to do is print and teach! 
    • Student Workbooks for the following age ranges: 

    Little Explorer 3-5

    Junior Explorer 6-8

    Senior Explorer 9-11

    Expert Explorer 12+

    • 18 printable posters, 5 sets of flashcards/3 part cards, and a decorative bunting.
    •  Four fun games that you will play over the course of the unit to help you review what you learn including a trivia game to use at the end of the unit to see how much you have learned!
    • Several nest-themed recipes and handicrafts.
    •  A Unit wrap-up project for each age range where your child will write or create a research report, make a bird's nest diorama, and present their project.


    These Nature Studies are created to be used by multiple ages at once OR you can use each workbook as your child(ren) grow(s)! 


    * This is a digital product. No physical copies will be sent.


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