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Cow Mini Bundle
  • Cow Mini Bundle

    Our Cow Mini Bundle includes 4 incredible cow themed units including our Angus Dissection Unit (Reg $15), It's Milking time Book Companion (Reg $8), Jersey Cow Life Cycle Unit (Reg $8) and our Cow Says OW Learning Pack (Reg $8)!


    Here’s more on what you will find in each pack:


    Angus Dissection Unit - Ages 5-14

    Our BRAND NEW Angus Dissection & Unit Study! Dive deep into the fascinating world of Angus cows with this meticulously crafted unit that includes: 


    🐄A full paper dissection

    🐄Ruminant Digestion

    🐄Anatomy Diagrams

    🐄Meat Cuts

    🐄Menu Matching

    🐄Bone Broth Recipe

    🐄Bovine Ancestry

    🐄Ranch Math Word Problems

    🐄 Pin the stomach on the ruminant

    🐄 and more…!


     Our dissections are always designed with care and attention to detail! 


    🐄From understanding bovine ancestry to mastering the art of crafting nourishing bone broth recipes, learn about the many ways Angus cows benefit us all ✨ 


    Whether you’re child is a budding biologist or simply loves farm animals - this study is a great way to learn all about Angus Cows!🐮 


    Jersey Cow Unit - Ages 3-10 Learn all about the Jersey Cow classification, life cycle, history, and more while practicingvocabulary, sight words, writing prompts, and STEM activities! This unit includes 59 pages of fun learning activities.


    It's Milking Time Book Companion - Ages 3-12

    This moo-gical book companion pairs perfectly with the book Milking Time by Phyllis Alsdurf or it can be used as a stand-alone unit.


    This fun pack features a variety of activities for all ages, including:


    Literacy Activities:

    • My Book Report
    • Writing Prompts
    • Write a Story
    • Roll and Retell
    • Flashcards and 3-Part Cards
    • Cow Life Cycle Poster
    • Cow Life Cycle Cut and Paste
    • Draw and Label the Cow


    Science Activities:

    • Cow Anatomy Poster
    • Label a Cow Activity
    • Information on How to Milk a Cow
    • Information on How to Strip a Cow
    • Facts About Cows
    • What Comes From Milk
    • Milk a Cow STEM


    Play Activities

    • Tic Tac Toe
    • Verb, Noun, and Adjective Sorting
    • Mini Puzzles
    • Story Cards
    • Coloring Pages
    • Recipes
    • Craft


    OW Word Family Pack - Ages 3-8


    Learn all about the OW as in Cow Family (and so much more) in this Cow-themed learning pack! Included in this pack, you will find over 80 pages of book-themed learning activities that cover:


    Literacy Activities:

    • OW Family 3-Part Cards
    • OW Word Family Flashcards
    • Color the Letters
    • Find the Words
    • Cow Alphabetical Order
    • Adverb and Verb Sorting
    • OW Family Word Search
    • My Book of OW Words
    • Long and Short Vowel Sorting
    • Syllable Sorting
    • Cow Garland


    Math Activities

    • Addition and Subtraction Mats
    • Skip Counting Puzzles 8s and 9s
    • Even and Odd Sorting
    • Cow Multiplication Game
    • Cow Size Sorting
    • Match The Fraction
    • Cow Graphing


    Play Activities:

    • Marshmallow Cow Pops Recipe
    • Paper Plate Cow Craft
    • OW Family Scavenger Hunt
    • Black and White Scavenger Hunt


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