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If you missed the sale you can still purchase the individual products from the Winter Edition of the Forest Schooling Mega Bundle directly from the creators' shops!


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Option 1 - The Forest Schooling Mega Bundle: Winter Edition plus
The Official 1000 Hours Outside Handbook

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Reg $900
NOW $35.00

Option 1 includes all 85+ digital products included in the Forest Schooling Mega Bundle - Winter Edition PLUS a digital copyThe Official 1000 Hours Outside Handbook!

The Handbook is a $25 value but this week only you can get your Handbook for just $10!


That's just $35 for over $900 worth of material!


"A practical guide for intentionally including nature experiences throughout the school year!


At just over 120 pages, this guide is designed to take you through a 40-week academic school year filled with nature time. Each week includes:

  • motivational quote

  • a place for children to track their outdoor hours

  • spaces for reflecting on weekly hikes

  • movement milestones log

  • seasonal nature activities log

  • nature journal

  • plus an appendix with some of our favorite seasonal activity ideas!

Beyond a way to intentionally incorporate and encourage nature time, an added benefit to this handbook is that it will automatically become a keepsake of nature memories that will last a lifetime."

Option 2 - The Forest Schooling Mega Bundle: Winter Edition ONLY


Option 2 This BRAND NEW collection of 85+ Winter and Forest themed digital learning resources is our largest collection yet and full of new releases that have never before been available in previous bundles!


For only $25 from now through November 23rd you can purchase  this thoughtfully curated collection of winter forest & nature themed learning resources that are perfect for children ages 3 - 13. 


Inside the bundle you will find over $875 worth of winter forest themed:


* Nature journals and logs

* Delicious recipes 

* Inspiring handicrafts

* Unit studies on a variety of plant and wildlife.

* Art Tutorials 

* Forest inspired math & literacy units and activities.

* Woodland themed early learning packs

* Nature anatomy and life cycle posters

* Forest themed scavenger hunts and games

Plus so much more!


There are over 85 different products, many of which are brand new releases created by over 45 talented creators!

Reg $875
NOW $25.00

The Sale is Over!

The Winter Edition of the Forest Schooling Mega Bundle is over but you can still purchase many of the products directly from the creator at the links below.

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FB 2 Website Descriptions.png
FB 2 Website Descriptions (10).png
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Wildflower Dwelling.png
Wonderhouse Creative (1).png
So Simple A Beginning (2).png
1000 Hours.png
Let's Stay Homeschool (1).png
My Seasonal Treasury.png
Mini Nature Explorers.png
Lily & Thistle.png
Let's Stay Homeschool (2).png
Rooted Homeschool.png
Raising Dinos1 (2).png
Wild Earth Lab.png
Twig and Moth (1).png
Twigs and Sage.png
Geez, Gwen!.png
My Texas Homeschool (1).png
Little School of Smiths.png
Discover Wild Learning (1).png
Playroom Activities.png
Wildflowers by Sarah.png
So Simple A Beginning (1).png
Little Wrens.png
Kindle Togetherness.png
Dyer Tyme.png
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Little Folk Learning.png
These Reveries (1).png
Raising Dinos1 (1).png
Let's Stay Homeschool 3.png
Our Homeschool Journey.png
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Our Life in the Shire (1).png
Acorns and Aprons.png
The Art Kit.png
Bless This Homeschool.png
Cirque DuSewell (1).png
A Balanced Childhood (1).png
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Living Montessori (1).png
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Devoted Motherhood.png
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Cirque DuSewell (2).png
A Balanced Childhood (1).png
Living Montessori.png
Crafts, Fun and Learning 3.png