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Insect of the Month Club


Each month, you will receive a beautifully curated unit study on a unique insect!!

Our May Unit is all about the  


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The For the Love of Homeschooling Insect of the Month Subscription is a monthly subscriptions where each month you will receive an in-depth, all-ages unit study on a different insect each month that covers the following:


  • Range & Mapping Activity

  • Life Cycle Poster, 3 part cards, wheel, worksheets & make your own flashcards

  • Anatomy Poster, flashcards, worksheets

  • Readings

  • Taxonomy & Classification Posters & Worksheets

  • Monthly Insect Sighting Log

  • STEM Activity

  • Play Activity

  • Coloring pages

  • Nature Journal

  • Recipes

  • Crafts

  • Book List

  • Insect of the Month Club

    Every month

What Insects will we be studying this year?

Click the link below to download our FREE insect of the month wall calendar which not only features the insects we will be studying this year but also makes a lovely wall calendar or addition to your homeschool planner/student agendas!

Here's What Our  Firefly Unit Covers!

Explore the Magic of Fireflies with Our June 2024 Insect of the Month Unit Study


Summer nights are about to get a whole lot brighter! This June, we’re excited to introduce fireflies as our Insect of the Month. Get ready to dive into the enchanting world of these magical insects with our comprehensive and fun-filled unit study.

Imagine sitting under the stars, watching fireflies flicker in the night sky. Now, imagine bringing that magic into your classroom or home with a unit study that’s as captivating as the fireflies themselves. We’ve curated a selection of resources and activities that will spark curiosity and make learning about fireflies an unforgettable adventure.


Start with our handpicked booklist, perfect for both read-aloud sessions and independent reading. These books will take you on a journey into the fascinating world of fireflies, filled with stories and scientific insights.


Our firefly fact sheets are packed with information that will leave you in awe. Learn about their habitats, unique bioluminescence, and much more. Dive deeper into their life cycle with our interactive flashcards, writing activities, life cycle wheel, and cut-and-paste activities. It’s a hands-on way to see how these little wonders grow and change!


Exploring the anatomy of fireflies is made fun with our labeling sheets, writing and drawing prompts, and detailed fact sheets. 


Discover the scientific side of fireflies with our taxonomy materials, which make understanding their classification easy and engaging.


Ever wondered what fireflies munch on? Our diet resources include anatomy posters, detailed fact sheets, and a fun coloring page that make learning about their dietary habits interesting. 


Travel around the world with our firefly maps, which include fact sheets, posters, writing prompts, and coloring pages to explore their global habitats.


For younger learners, our firefly playmat and coloring activities offer interactive and engaging ways to learn about these glowing insects. 


And for the creative minds, our Firefly STEM & Art projects include Glowing Firefly Jars Craft, Firefly Light Experiment, Firefly Circuits, a felt firefly craft, and a firefly banner. These activities blend science, technology, engineering, and art, making learning dynamic and fun.


And let’s not forget the kitchen! Our firefly-themed recipes like Glowing Firefly Jello and Firefly Cupcakes are a delightful way to bring a taste of fireflies to your kitchen. They’re as fun to make as they are to eat!


This comprehensive unit study is designed to ignite a passion for learning and foster a deeper appreciation for the natural world. We can’t wait for you and your students to embark on this magical journey with fireflies. Light up your summer learning with the magic of fireflies!


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