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Each month you will receive a beautifully curated unit study on a unique bird!!!

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Our June Unit is all about the
Little Owl


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The For the Love of Homeschooling Bird of the Month Subscription is a monthly subscriptions where each month you will receive an in-depth, all-ages unit study on a different bird each month that covers the following:


  • Range & Mapping Activity

  • Life Cycle Poster, 3 part cards, wheel, worksheets & make your own flashcards

  • Anatomy Poster, flashcards, worksheets

  • Readings

  • Taxonomy & Classification Posters & Worksheets

  • Monthly Bird Sighting & Nest Sighting Log

  • STEM Activity

  • Play Activity

  • Coloring pages

  • Nature Journal Recipe & Craft

  • Book List

  • Bird of the Month

    Every month
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FTLOH Calendar

What Birds will we be studying this year?

Click the link below to download our FREE bird of the month wall calendar which not only features the birds we will be studying this year but also makes a lovely wall calendar or addition to your homeschool planner/student agendas!


Little Owl Unit


Here's What Our Little Owl Unit Covers!

Dive into the World of the Little Owl with Our June 2024 Bird of the Month Club!


If you're an avid bird lover or simply curious about the fascinating avian world, our June Bird of the Month Club is perfect for you! This month, we spotlight the enchanting Little Owl, offering a comprehensive and engaging package that will captivate both young and old alike.


What's Inside This Month's Unit Study?


Informative Readings: Immerse yourself in the world of the Little Owl with readings that cover everything from their physical characteristics and life cycle to their diet, nest, taxonomy/classification, and anatomy.


Bird Focus Pages: Our beautifully designed posters and flashcards will help you visualize the Little Owl’s life cycle, anatomy, various species, and classification.


Maps: Discover the Little Owl's range with detailed maps of their habitats across Asia, Europe, and Africa.


Activity Pages: Keep your mind active with a variety of activities, including a world map, bird range map, Little Owl diet, life cycle, creative writing, nest, anatomy, and a life cycle wheel.


Play Mat: Engage in playful learning with scenes depicting common Little Owl habitats, bird cut-outs, and life cycle coloring pages.


Nature Journal: Observe and document the Little Owl's habitat with our dedicated nature journal.


Vocabulary Word Cards: Expand your ornithological vocabulary with our word cards and accompanying activity page.


Bird Traits Research: Dive deeper into the unique traits and behaviors of the Little Owl.


June Bird and Nest Watching Logs: Track your birdwatching adventures and nest observations with our monthly logs.


Recipe: Try out a fun and thematic bird-related recipe.


Our Bird of the Month Club aims to foster a deeper appreciation and understanding of birds through fun, educational, and interactive content. Whether you’re a seasoned birder or a curious beginner, the Little Owl will enchant and inspire you this June.


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