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The For the Love of Homeschooling Scholarship program was created to help ease the financial burden that homeschooling can bring by awarding homeschool families in need with up to $500 to go towards their homeschool expenses. Our Scholarship Committee will review all applications and one family will be picked each month.


Please fill out the application below with as much information as possible. Your information will remain confidential and will only be viewed by those on our Scholarship Committee.

A Note From a Fellow Homeschool Mom

Dear Friend,

          First I just want to commend you for making the decision to homeschool regardless of your financial situation. Choosing to homeschool often means living on a reduced or single income and it is by no means an easy decision, especially for those already on a limited income.


         When our family first made the decision to homeschool almost a decade and a half ago we did so on a single income of just $1600 per month. Those times were not easy financially but the memories we made and the foundation that we laid during those early days were %1000 worth it. We built our homeschool library on free and gifted materials, got a library card, and focused on connection over things. There were no expensive curriculums or fancy manipulatives in our home and as I look back I truly believe that our homeschool was better off without those things as it allowed us to creatively seek out alternative ways to learn and fill our days.


         In those days we didn't have any social media either, so I was not constantly bombarded by images of beautiful school rooms filled with more resources and products than I would even know what to do with. In hindsight, I am very thankful for the lack of social media back then as I know the immense pressure new homeschool families face these days as they scroll all of the Pinterest-inspired learning spaces one encounters online and easily begin to feel like they need all of the things to have a successful homeschool experience. The truth is: you don't! A classroom full of learning materials may be nice to have but it is by no means a necessity. You can successfully homeschool your children gathered around your kitchen table, sprawled out around the living room, or on a blanket outside. Nature objects like rocks and sticks make great manipulatives for young learners, a library card will open up a world of learning opportunities for children of all ages, writing activities can be done on plain lined paper and we have many families who homeschool solely using the free weekly resources that we offer here at For the Love of Homeschooling.


        A quality home education does not need to be an expensive one! All it requires is a loving parent who is eager and willing to learn with your child and make the most of the resources and items you have on hand! So be encouraged, friend! No matter what your financial situation is at the moment, you can create a rich and beautiful learning experience for your children! I'm rooting for you and sending you lots of love on your homeschool journey!

Samantha Skeete

Founder, For the Love of Homeschooling

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