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Seeds & Planting Nature Unit
  • Seeds & Planting Nature Unit

    Join us for our March Nature Study Club: Seeds & Planting, where explorers will become botanists, agriculturists, soil scientists, gardeners, greenhouse engineers, and homesteaders! After this study, our explorers will be viewing the seed to table foods they eat in a whole new light! Who knows?! ...maybe they’ll even be eating their beets and brussel sprouts with smiles on their faces!


    Explorers take an in-depth look at the incredible world under and over the soil with daily topics and activities, including:

    • Planting and gardening fundamentals

    • Discovering growing zones and how these impact our seed selections

    • Researching how to keep our seeds happy as they grow through their interesting life cycle!

    • Learning about the Kingdom Plantae and plant characteristic sorting

    • Investigating the composition and needs of soil

    • Discovering the benefits of fertilizers and composting! 

    • Studying the impact of things like weather, pests, and pollinators on our green friends! 

    • Diving into the history of gardening, reaching back to the fiefdoms and castles, and then traveling to modern gardens ranging from roof-top urban gardens and kitchen counter gardens to raised beds and miles of crops! 

    • Learning all about garden planning and creating their own planting information files which results in a fully planned garden! 

    • Completing fun STEAM group activities like Engineer a Greenhouse, DIY Seed Bombs, Upcycled Garden Markers, Growing from Cuttings, and more! 

    • Creating tulip art with another artist-led tutorial with Bonnie Hunt!

    • Investigating plant myths by acting as a veggie myth buster and reading fun stories about talking to bees, the sisterly bond of 3 famous veggies!

    • And that’s not all, even more is included! 


    Whether your child is planting a handful of seeds in a pot to be lovingly cared for on the back porch, harvesting an herb garden on your kitchen windowsill, or picking a tomato from the garden bed in the backyard, this is nature, this is learning, this is beauty! Watch your explorer carefully bury the seed, pat the soil, tenderly water and care for their seed, and burst with pride when the green sprout appears. This study offers education, of course, but it offers the experience, which is amazing! 


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