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Blossoms & Bulbs Nature Study
  • Blossoms & Bulbs Nature Study

    Exploring the wonders of the natural world with this age-leveled journey into blossoms and bulbs  promises to captivate your senses and expand your knowledge about blossoms, bulbs, seeds, seed travel, all parts of a flower, and so much more! Here's what you'll find in this Nature Study that ncludes a 20 day teachers manual, student workbooks for four age levels (3-5, 6-8, 9-11, 12-15+) and  beautiful printable pack of posters, games and so much more!


    Day 1: The Meaning of Flowers

    Discover the rich cultural connotations and symbolism associated with various flowers. From love and friendship to remembrance and celebration, each bloom carries its own unique significance.


    Day 2: Bulbs & Seeds

    Delve into the fascinating world of bulbs and seeds. Compare their growth processes and characteristics through a printable pack that offers insightful visual aids.


    Day 3: Exploring Blossoms & Flowers

    Unravel the mysteries of blossoms and flowers as you delve into their role in reproduction. Gain a deeper understanding of the reproductive cycle and the magic of pollination.


    Day 4: Flowering Trees

    Explore the majestic beauty of flowering trees, from unexpected fruiting phenomena to the critical role of proper conditions and temperatures in achieving desired results.


    Day 5: Group STEM

    Engage in hands-on STEM activities centered around building a circuit flower. 


    From dissecting blooms to exploring their anatomy, immerse yourself in a world of discovery this week as we introduce blossoms & bulbs! 


    Day 6: Cherry Blossoms

    Let’s admire the breathtaking beauty of cherry blossoms. Learn about their cultural significance and the mesmerizing spectacle of their ethereal blooms.


    Day 7: Lilacs

    Indulge in the intoxicating fragrance and delicate beauty of lilacs. Discover their life cycle, their unique structure, and more! 


    Day 8: Tulips

    Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of tulips, renowned for their stunning array of colors and elegant forms. Explore the history of tulip cultivation and their enduring appeal.


    Day 9: Daffodils

    Celebrate the cheerful charm of daffodils as you learn about their early spring blooms and uplifting symbolism. Learn all about these unique flowers which have special features like spathes and a corona - unique to the daffodil! 


    Day 10: Group ART

    Unleash your creativity with a fun and interactive art project focused on crafting paper flowers. Channel your inner artist and adorn your space with everlasting blooms.


    Day 11: Seed Travel & Temperatures

    Explore the fascinating travels of seed dispersal and the influence of temperatures on plant growth and development.


    Day 12: Pollinators

    Celebrate the vital role of pollinators in sustaining ecosystems and supporting flower reproduction. Learn about the diverse array of pollinators and their fascinating behaviors - from birds to bees! 


    Day 13: Wildflowers & Local Flowers

    Discover the beauty of wildflowers and indigenous blooms that thrive in your local environment. Find out about your native flora by nature journaling! 


    Day 14: Gameschooling Day

    Infuse fun and learning with engaging games centered around flowers. From botanical bingo to flower-themed scavenger hunts, enjoy a day filled with educational excitement.


    Day 15: Poetry Teatime

    Savor the beauty of language and nature with a poetry teatime inspired by flowers. Gather with loved ones to enjoy tea, treats, and heartfelt verses celebrating the splendor of blooms.


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