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A Book Club and Bundle in ONE!
Jump into summer with 12 fun-filled weeks of summer learning where we explore 12 summer themes through books and daily activities that cover language arts, math, play, nature study, STEM, art, and handicrafts!

Twelve Weeks of Summer - A Seasonal Learning Program

🎉Create lasting memories this summer with our 12 Weeks of Summer Bundle! A Book Club and bundle in 1, this BRAND NEW curriculum from For the Love of Homeschooling will help you fill your summer days with learning and fun through 12 weeks of summer themed learning packs specially crafted for scholars aged 3-10!


A book club and bundle is one, our 12 Weeks of Summer curriculum will have you reading 12 engaging summer books and creating fun arts & craft projects, making delicious recipes, engaging in themed STEM & Nature Study Lessons and learning lots of math and language arts topics along the way! All with an easy to follow schedule so that you can spend more time creating memories!  Each of the 12 themed units is divided into 5 sections and covers language arts, math, STEM/Nature Study, Play, and Arts/Handicrafts!

~Each week for language arts you will learn all about a different part of speech, and practice your newfound knowledge using fun games and visually appealing activities!

~For math, we have designed a unique original game for each pack! You will also have skip counting puzzles, and word problems to match to addition and subtraction problems, plus multiplication matching for older scholars!

~STEM activities vary week to week - ranging from hands-on science to nature study activities.

~Finally, Play and create with games, crafty projects and fun recipes!

~Each week is a new adventure, a dazzling journey so join us and dive into 12 Weeks of Summer!

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12 Weeks of Spring


Purchase our 12 Weeks of Summer bundle and receive our Nature art Drawing Tutorials FOR FREE!

What is our 12 Weeks of Summer Curriculum?

And how is it different than past bundles/book clubs?

What sets our 12 Weeks of Summer Curriculum apart from other bundles and book clubs? We’re glad you asked! While our mega bundles are well-loved by tens of thousands of families around the world, we have also seen the need for a more structured bundle option with weekly and daily lesson plans that are easy to follow and provide consistent, structured learning.

After months of planning and creating, we are so excited to offer this 12 weeks of summer collection that is essentially a bundle and book club rolled into one with a bit of added structure and guidance!

Purchase the 12 Weeks of Summer Bundle for $120 or purchase units individually for $10 Each below

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