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American & European Robin Nature Study

SAMPLE American & European Robin Nature Study

Here's a peek at our Brand New American & European Robin unit! This fun Sample pack of our newest Bird of the Month unit includes activities for the whole family and highlights the nests of the American and European Robin!  Click HERE to see the full unit!


This freebie includes beautiful posters, worksheets, play activities, and more! Here's more on what's included:


  • American Robin Nesting Poster
  • European Robin Nesting Poster
  • American Robin & Nest 3 Part Cards
  • European Robin & Nest 3 Part Cards
  • American Robin Nest Journal Page
  • European Robin Nest Journal Page
  • American & European Robin Nest Play Scene & Diorama
  • Bird Nest Spotting Log
  • Bird Nest No-Bake Cookies Recipe
  • Book List


This is just a small sample of our extensive American and European Robin Unit. Click HERE to purchase the complete American & European Robin Unit in our Shop for $12 OR SIGN UP for our Bird of the month Club for $7/mth to get it the American & European Robin unit and then a new bird unit each month you remain subscribed!


Click Here to Learn More About Our Bird of the Month Club


Here’s more on what’s included in the FULL UNIT American and European Robin Unit:


  • Booklist
  • Bird Focus: Birds in Literature and Art—informative pages, bird in literature symbolism, poetry posters and copy work, John James Audubon artist study, and art posters
  • Informative readings covering both American robin & European robin facts, physical characteristics, life cycle, diet, nest, taxonomy/classification, and anatomy
  • Posters and flashcards of the American robin and European robin life cycle, anatomy, Facts & Folklore, biomes, and classification
  • Robin feeding advice
  • Maps: American robin and European robin range map, and maps for North and Europe
  • Activity pages: world map, bird range map, North America map, Europe map, robin diet, life cycle, creative writing, cup nest, anatomy, robin poem copy work, and life cycle wheel
  • Playmat: common robin habitat scenes, animal cut-outs, and American & European robin life cycle coloring pages
  • Nature journal
  • American and European robin habitat study
  • Vocabulary word cards and activity page
  • Bird traits research
  • March bird and nest watching logs
  • Recipe
  • Stem/craft activity


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