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A Book Club and Bundle in ONE!
Cozy up this winter with 12 fun-filled weeks of winter learning where we explore 12 winter themes through books and daily activities that cover language arts, math, play, nature study, STEM, art, and handicrafts!

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Twelve Weeks of Winter - A Seasonal Learning Program

🎉 Get ready for "12 Weeks of Winter" winter-themed Learning packs from For the Love of Homeschooling! 🌨️✨


📚 Picture this: You and your little ones cozied up by the fireplace, sipping hot cocoa, with the snow gently falling outside. What better way to celebrate the winter wonderland than with these whimsical learning packs specially crafted for the little scholars aged 3-10? Each learning pack comes with a book recommendation as well as a variety of activities that cover language arts, math, STEM/nature studies, art and handicrafts, play and more!


Each week for language arts you will learn all about a different part of speech, and practice your newfound knowledge using fun games and visually appealing activities!


For math, we have designed a unique original game for each pack! You will also have skip counting puzzles, and word problems to match to addition and subtraction problems, plus multiplication matching for older scholars!


STEM activities vary week to week - ranging from hands-on science to icy inquiries.


Finally, Play and create with crafty projects - pinecone animals (week 7), Gift cube stacking (week 2), and so much more! 


Each week is a new adventure, a dazzling journey into the world of knowledge and fun, carefully curated with activities that will make your kids' eyes sparkle like freshly fallen snow. Let's dive into the enchanting themes included!


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