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Flamingo Unit Study
  • Flamingo Unit Study

    Learn all about the Flamingo in this unit that includes over 100 pages of beautiful posters, worksheets, STEM & play activities, nature journaling, and a delicious dessert recipe! 


    Welcome, feathered friends and junior ornithologists, to the pink plumage and fabulous flamingos featured in the Flamingo Unit Study, brought to you by the For the Love of Homeschooling Bird of the Month Club!


    🎉 Join the For the Love of Homeschooling Bird of the Month Club and let the Flamingo Unit Study be your passport to a world full of flamingos - as you learn, they are a global bird!  Happy learning, dear bird enthusiasts! ✨


    This unit includes  variety of unique learning opportunities such as: Featured Flamingos: Learn about many flamingo species around the world! Fabulous flamingo beaks: Learn about the variety of beaks across the species! Learn why flamingos stand on one leg. Make a flamingo marionette…


    Plus the following:

    Flamingo fact reading pages

    Flamingo Range and Mapping skills

    FlamingoLife Cycle fact sheet, 3-part cards, poster, worksheets, and life cycle wheel 

    Color your own 3-Part life cycle Flamingo cards

    Flamingo Anatomy posters and activity pages

    Nest fact sheet

    Habitat 3-part cards

    Geography study

    Writing activities

    Flamingo Student Nature Journal

    Vocabulary word cards and activity page

    Bird trait worksheet with video links

    Taxonomy & classification posters and worksheet

    Flamingo Coloring pages

    November bird sighting and nesting logs

    Book list and extension activities

    Flamingo Video links

    Fun recipe

    An original STEM project!


    Each Bird of the Month unit contains a special nature journal filled with 20+ pages covering geography, habitat, sounds, drawing, and so much more! Purchase this unit as a standalone for only $12, or become a monthly member for the low price of $7 a month and receive a beautiful, high quality unit each month. 


    If you enjoy this unit Check Out our Bird of the Month Club HERE!!


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