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Little Owl Nature Study
  • Little Owl Nature Study

    Dive into the World of the Little Owl with this captivating unit for children aged 3 - 13!!


    If you're an avid bird lover or simply curious about the fascinating avian world, our June Bird of the Month Club is perfect for you! This month, we spotlight the enchanting Little Owl, offering a comprehensive and engaging package that will captivate both young and old alike.


    Here’s what you’ll find in this month's Unit Study:


    • Informative Readings: Dive into detailed readings covering Little Owl facts, physical characteristics, life cycle, diet, nest, taxonomy/classification, and anatomy.
    • Bird Focus Pages: Enjoy posters and flashcards illustrating the Little Owl's life cycle, anatomy, different species, and classification.
    • Maps: Explore a range map of the Little Owl, including detailed maps for Asia, Europe, and Africa.
    • Activity Pages: Engage with a variety of activities, including a world map, bird range map, Little Owl diet, life cycle, creative writing, nest, anatomy, and a life cycle wheel.
    • Play Mat: Have fun with common Little Owl scenes, bird cut-outs, and Little Owl life cycle coloring pages.
    • Nature Journal: Document your observations and studies in the Little Owl habitat.
    • Vocabulary Word Cards: Enhance your ornithological vocabulary with our activity page.
    • Bird Traits Research: Conduct research on the unique traits of the Little Owl.
    • June Bird and Nest Watching Logs: Keep track of your bird and nest observations throughout the month.
    • Recipe: Try out a special bird-themed recipe - the little owl London fog latte! 


    Don’t miss this opportunity to enrich your knowledge and love for birds. Subscribe today and let the Little Owl inspire your June!


    If you enjoy this unit Check Out our Bird of the Month Club HERE!!


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