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Scarlet Macaw Nature Study
  • Scarlet Macaw Nature Study

    As we welcome April, we are thrilled to unveil our exciting Bird of the Month unit, shining the spotlight on the magnificent Scarlet Macaws.


    Prepare to embark on an immersive journey into the vibrant world of these stunning birds, where every page of our curriculum bursts with excitement and discovery. Here's a glimpse of what awaits:


    NEW FEATURE! Optional Schedule for Structured Learning:

    To help you make the most of this unit, we've crafted an optional schedule that guides you through 11 days of exploration. Each day is carefully designed to build upon the last, leading students on a cohesive journey from introduction to conservation action.


    Here’s an in depth view of the unit and all that is covered! 


    • Book list

    • Optional schedule

    • Bird Focus: Pirates and Parrots: Fact or Fiction?

    • Classification

    • Rainforest Habitat

    • Bird camouflage

    • Cavity nest

    • Scarlet Macaw life cycle

    • Animal and Bird classifications

    • Vocal mimicry

    • Macaw diet

    • Nature documentary and note-taking

    • Mapping activities: South America and Central America (including Caribbean Islands and Mexico), world map

    • Conservation concerns and poster project

    • Playmat: Scarlet macaw life cycle stages, nest, backgrounds, additional macaws

    • Nature journal

    • Scarlet macaw habitat study

    • Vocabulary word cards and activity page

    • Bird traits research

    • April bird and nest watching logs

    • Recipe

    • Macaw bird matching card game, puzzle, art project


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