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Elinore Pruitt Stewart Biography Unit
  • Elinore Pruitt Stewart Biography Unit

    Join us on a transformative exploration of Elinore Pruitt Stewart's remarkable life and literary achievements as we uncover the untold stories of women pioneers and celebrate the enduring spirit of resilience, adventure, and creativity that defined her legacy. Through this biography unit, students will be inspired to embrace their own pioneering spirit and discover the power of storytelling to illuminate the past and inspire future generations.


    Included in this unit you will find:


    • Biography
    • Book List
    • Timeline Activity
    • Questions I Have
    • Elinore’s Big Ideas
    • Elinore’s Achievements
    • On a Stamp Activity
    • Quote Activity
    • Venn Diagram
    • Important Contributions
    • Acrostic Poem
    • Recipes
    • Superhero Biography
    • Native Americans: Chickasaws
    • Three Sisters Garden
    • Newspaper Ad Writing Activity
    • Homesteader Highlight
    • Making Vegetable Broth
    • Canning Jar Anatomy
    • Canning Jam Science Observation
    • Writer Highlight
    • Parts of a Letter & Envelope Writing Activity
    • Elinore’s Farm Pop-up Play


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