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Bengal Tiger Nature Study
  • Bengal Tiger Nature Study

    Welcome to the exciting world of zoology with our latest unit focusing on the magnificent Bengal Tiger! Embark on a thrilling journey as we delve into the captivating realm of these majestic creatures, exploring their habitat, behavior, anatomy, diet, conservation, and much more. Through a diverse array of engaging resources, activities, and materials, we aim to provide a comprehensive and fascinating learning experience for homeschoolers passionate about wildlife!


    • Mammal Poster and Flashcards

    • Bengal Tiger Booklist

    • Bengal TigerFact Sheets

    • Bengal Tiger Life Cycle Resources - flashcards, writing activities, life cycle wheel, and cut and paste activities

    • Bengal Tiger Anatomy -anatomy labeling sheets, writing and drawing prompt, and anatomy fact sheets

    • Bengal Tiger Habitat -habitat fact sheets

    • Bengal Tiger Taxonomy - taxonomy fact sheets and review and animal classification worksheet

    • Bengal Tiger Diet - anatomy posters, fact sheet, and coloring page

    • Bengal Tiger and Rainforest Conservation

    • Bengal Tiger Maps -fact sheets, posters, writing prompt, and coloring pages

    • Bengal Tiger Playmat and Coloring

    • Bengal TigerNature Journal

    • Bengal TigerSensory, Stem & Art - Bengal Tiger Sensory Bin, Bengal Tiger Craft, Tiger Habitat Design STEM & Bengal Tiger banner

    • Bengal Tiger Recipes -Tiger Toast, and Tiger Paw Print Cookies


    Our Bengal Tiger unit is packed with an assortment of educational resources designed to ignite curiosity, foster learning, and inspire a deeper appreciation for these iconic big cats. From immersive activities to informative fact sheets, this unit offers a multifaceted exploration into the fascinating world of Bengal Tigers.


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