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Then Vs. Now - Farming

Then Vs. Now - Farming

Step back in time and explore the fascinating evolution of farming with our comprehensive unit on "Farming Then vs. Now." Delve into the rich history of agriculture, from traditional farming practices of the past to modern-day innovations that have revolutionized the way we cultivate the land. Our unit is designed to engage learners of all ages with a diverse range of activities, resources, and hands-on experiences that shed light on the timeless art and science of farming.


Activities Include:


  • Farming Then & Now bunting
  • Recommended booklist and videos
  • Suggested daily lesson outline
  • Farming themed flashcards & three-part cards
  • Farm-themed fact cards
  • What is Farming?
  • Following Directions at the Farm listening activity
  • Farm writing activity
  • Farm sensory play activity
  • Why are Barns Red?
  • Barn coloring pages
  • Homesteading History
  • Recipes for homemade buns and jam
  • STEM activity - Growing Cuttings
  • Themed coloring pages
  • History of the Plow
  • Plow picture study and coloring pages
  • Harvest Song by Flora Annie Steel
  • History of the Tractor
  • Lift-the-flap Tractor & coloring pages
  • Tractor picture study
  • News article writing activity
  • Comparing Farming Then and Now
  • Then vs. Now sorting activity
  • Venn Diagram, Then & Now
  • Timeline of Farming Equipment
  • Timeline sorting activity
  • How Things Change Then and Now activity
  • Vintage farm equipment posters
  • BONUS pages from our Nature Study Club - Seeds & Planting unit!
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