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Giant African Snail Unit Study
  • Giant African Snail Unit Study

    Welcome to our latest adventure in the fascinating world of homeschooling with our featured mollusk of the month - the Giant African Snail! Join us as we explore the extraordinary life of these unique creatures, who despite being mollusks, often find themselves hanging out amongst the insects of their ecosystem.


    Through diverse resources, activities, and hands-on projects, this unit study promises an immersive and enriching learning experience for young homeschoolers eager to discover the wonders of the animal kingdom.


    🐌What is an Insect and What is a Mollusk Posters and Venn Diagram

    🐌Booklist: Immerse yourself in the world of Giant African Snails with our curated selection of books, offering insights into their behavior, habitat, and role in the ecosystem.

    🐌Snails Near ME - Garden Snail Focus (posters, anatomy activities, size comparison, Venn diagram, snail drawing activity)

    🐌Giant African Snail Fact Sheets: Dive deep into the world of Giant African Snails with informative fact sheets, uncovering intriguing facts and statistics about these remarkable creatures.

    🐌Giant African Snail Cycle Resources: Explore the life cycle of Giant African Snails through a variety of interactive resources, including flashcards, writing activities, and engaging cut-and-paste exercises.

    🐌Giant African Snail Anatomy: Discover the anatomy of Giant African Snails through labeling sheets, drawing prompts, and detailed fact sheets, unraveling the mysteries of their unique physical features.

    🐌Giant African Snail Taxonomy: Delve into the taxonomy of Giant African Snails, exploring their classification within the animal kingdom through informative resources and engaging classification worksheets.

    🐌Giant African Snail Anatomy Posters and Coloring Page: Learn about the anatomy of Giant African Snails through colorful posters, fact sheets, and fun coloring pages, sparking creativity and curiosity.

    🐌Giant African Snail Playmat and Coloring: Immerse yourself in creative play with our Giant African Snail-themed playmat and coloring activities, encouraging imaginative exploration and artistic expression.

    🐌Giant African Snail Nature Journal: Document your observations and reflections on Giant African Snails in a personalized nature journal, fostering scientific inquiry and discovery.

    🐌Giant African Snail and Garden Snail Comparison: Compare and contrast Giant African Snails with their garden-dwelling counterparts, exploring similarities and differences in behavior, habitat, and physical characteristics.

    🐌Giant African Snail STEM & Art: Engage in hands-on learning with STEM activities and art projects inspired by Giant African Snails, including paper plate snails, egg carton snails, and snail shell structure experiments.

    🐌Giant African Snail Recipes: Get creative in the kitchen with snail-shaped sandwiches and snail fruit snacks, adding a culinary twist to your learning adventure.


    Embark on this educational journey with us as we uncover the secrets of the Giant African Snail and celebrate the beauty and diversity of the natural world in this unit! You can purchase the unit from our shop for $12 or join our Insect of the Month Club for just $7 USD/month! 🐌🌿


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