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Food Preservation Canning, Freezing & Dehydrating for Beginners by FTLOH
  • Food Preservation Canning, Freezing & Dehydrating for Beginners by FTLOH

    Discover the art and science of food preservation with our Beginners Guide to Canning, Freezing and Dehydrating unit! This guide covers the benefits of the various types of food preservation as well as delicious recipes. Whether you're a seasoned home cook, a gardening enthusiast, or simply interested in extending the shelf life of fresh produce, this unit will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to preserve fruits, vegetables, and herbs at their peak freshness.


    What’s Included:


    *Which Method is Best? Poster

    *Benefits of Canning Poster

    *Canning Step by Step Posters & Cards

    *Anatomy of a Canning Jar Poster

    *Canning Recipes

    *Pantry Inventory Sheet

    *Benefits of Freezing Poster

    *Freezing Step by step Poster & Cards

    *Freezing “Recipes”

    *Freezer Inventory Sheet

    *Benefits of Dehydrating Poster

    *Step by Step Dehydrating Poster & Cards

    *Dehydrating “Recipes”


    Whether you're looking to stock your pantry with homemade jams and sauces, create convenient freezer meals for busy days, or enjoy the flavors of summer produce during the colder months,this guide will empower you to preserve the harvest and savor the taste of nature's bounty throughout the year.


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