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Sample Pack - Garden Snail vs Giant African Snail

Sample Pack - Garden Snail vs Giant African Snail

Get an inside look at our HUGE Giant Afriacn Snail unit! In this sample pack you will learn about the common garden snail and other snails that are local to you! You will also compare and contrast the common garden snail with the Giant African Snail. To learn more about the incredible Giant African Snail purchase the full unit from our shop!


In this sample pack you will find:


  • Booklist
  • Common Garden Snail fact Sheet
  • Places to look for a snail poster
  • Common Garden Snail Characteristics
  • Garden Snail Anatomy Poster & Labeling sheet
  • Garden Snail Classification Poster & worksheet
  • Garden vs. Giant African Snail Comparison Poster
  • Garden vs. Giant African Snail Venn Diagram
  • Mapping activity
  • Decorative Snail Drawing sheet


If you enjoy this sample, be sure to check out the full unit  HERE Here's what you will find in the full unit:


  • Booklist
  • What is an Insect Poster
  • What is a Mollusk Poster
  • Insect vs. Mollusks Venn Diagram
  • Snail Facts Posters
  • Giant African Snail documentary and worksheets
  • Giant African Snail Cycle Resources (flashcards, writing activities, life cycle wheel, and cut & paste activities)
  • Giant African Snail Anatomy Resources (anatomy labeling sheets, writing and drawing prompt, and anatomy fact sheets)
  • Giant African Snail Taxonomy (taxonomy fact sheets & review & classification worksheet)
  • Giant African Snail Diet (poster, drawing & coloring page)
  • Giant African Snail Habitat & Range (fact sheets, continent, posters, mapping activities)
  • Snails Near ME - Garden Snail Focus (posters, anatomy activities, size comparison, Venn diagram, snail drawing activity)
  • Giant African Snail Playmat & Coloring Activities
  • Giant African Snail Nature Journal
  • Giant African Snail Stem & Art (paper plate snail, Snail Shell Structure Stem, felt snail craft & snail banner)
  • Giant African Snail Recipes (Snail Shaped Sandwiches and Snail Fruit Snack)


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