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1. Summer Bucket List 12 Weeks of Summer
  • 1. Summer Bucket List 12 Weeks of Summer

    Summer is here! Get ready for a summer of fun with the first of our 12 weeks of summer units! In this pack, you will create an epic summer bucket list, make delicious summer treats PLUS MORE! Here's what's included:


    Language Arts

    • Book Report and Activity
    • Summer Acrostic Poem
    • Parts of Speech Focus - Nouns & Proper Nouns
    • Coloring Page & Tracing Sheets (Letter Recognition S & B)
    • Signs of Summer Flashcards and 3-Part Cards
    • Signs of Summer Early Reader Book
    • Favorite Summer Activity Writing Prompt



    • Number 1 Recognition Operations with One
    • Number 1 Equations
    • Fact Families
    • Word Problems
    • Addition & Subtraction Game
    • Multiplication Match Game
    • Counting by 1's Puzzles
    • 3D Shape Scavenger Hunt & Worksheets
    • Graphing Worksheets
    • Count and Write
    • Watermelon Seed Counting Game



    • Summer Recipes: Homemade Lemonade, Pineapple Slushie, Fruity Palm Trees
    • Summer Bucket List
    • Road Trip Scavenger Hunt
    • Summer Bingo
    • Which One is Different?
    • Big to Small Size Sort
    • Patterns
    • Coloring Pages
    • Memory Game
    • Tic Tac Toe
    • Mini Puzzles


    Science/Nature Study

    • Seasons Around Me: Identify Your Hemisphere
    • Summer & Winter Flashcards
    • Seasons Model: Identify Summer in Your Hemisphere


    Art & Crafts

    • Summer Prompts Page

    • Create Your Summer Buck List

    • Summer Bucket List Scrap Book

    • Seasonal Color Palettes Coloring Pages

    • Summer Coloring Pages

    • Summer Banner


    *This is a Digital Product. No Physical Item Will be Sent


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