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5. Fishing Week - 12 Weeks of Summer
  • 5. Fishing Week - 12 Weeks of Summer

    With a fishing rod in hand, time seems to slow down as you cast your line into the tranquil waters, waiting for a nibble. Enjoy the thrills of fishing in week 5 of our 12 weeks of Summer bundle! Here’s what we will explore this week:


    Language Arts

    • Read our book recommendation Let’s Go Fishing by Joshua Mutters & Gabby Correia Foreword
    • Book Report Activities
    • Parts of Speech Focus - Adjectives
    • Noun vs Adjective Sorting
    • Coloring Pages
    • Flashcards and 3-Part Cards
    • My Book of Fishing
    • Fishing Writing Prompts



    • Number 5 Recognition
    • Number 5 Equations
    • Fact Families
    • Fish Addition & Subtraction Game
    • Multiplication Match Game
    • Skip Counting by 5's Puzzle
    • Word Problems
    • Graphing Worksheets
    • Fish Fives



    • Fish Sugar Cookies Recipe
    • Fishing Snack Mix Recipe
    • Which One is Different?
    • Draw and Match
    • Trace The Lines
    • Coloring Pages
    • Fish Garland
    • Memory Game
    • Tic Tac Toe
    • Mini Puzzles


    Science/Nature Study

    • Fish Words
    • Fish Life Cycle
    • Fishing Pole Design
    • Knot Tying


    Art & Crafts

    • Paper Plate Fish Craft
    • Fishing Pole Craft
    • On and In the Pond
    • DIY Puzzle


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