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Sale has ended...

Thanks for stopping by! Our STEAM Mega Bundle sale has ended.

You can still purchase many of the items that were in the bundle at the links below!

Our Next Bundle!

Our next bundle is a special one!!

Releasing February 13th is our very first bundle just for parents!!

This collection will feature a variety of resources specifically designed for the homeschool parent that will not only encourage and inspire you on your homeschool journey but will also nourish your heart and mind so that you can continue to pour into those around you.

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STEAM Mega Bundle 


Nature Study Club: Four Seasons


Our Four Seasons Unit plus the additional resources & bilingual unit are regularly $45 but you can get them all for just $10 when you purchase our STEAM Mega Bundle Upgrade! We look forward to exploring with you!  

Get a full month of Nature Study Club, plus a MEGA bilingual four seasons unit!!

Have you heard about the For the Love of Homeschooling Nature Study Club? We’re so happy to give you this opportunity to check it out firsthand for just $10!

Join us for our January Nature Study Club Unit: Four Seasons, which guides explorers through the Four Seasons of our Earth while focusing on all things STEAM! Your explorers will have fun learning, and you’ll have fun teaching (and learning alongside them)! 


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In this Unit we will take an in-depth look at the Four Seasons and cover topics such as:

  • Seasonal differences amongst the hemispheres and regions of Earth 

  • Solstices of the winter and summer seasons

  • Equinoxes of the spring and autumn seasons

  • Seasonal weather importance and its impact on our water cycle

  • Seasons within seasons including; monsoon, drought, flood and growing seasons

  • Spring planting and autumn harvesting

  • Food preservation

  • Seasonal folklore & mythology

  • Group Poetry & Teatime with a seasonal theme

  • Artist study and art workshop inspired by Antonio Vivaldi’s the Four Seasons

  • Group STEM projects including; Stonehenge cookie design, 3D equinox models, a rain cloud lab, and sundial creations

  • Original game playing with this month’s “Slap Seasons”

  • A watercolor tutorial led by artist Bonnie Hunt with the theme of seasonal phenology wheels


STEAM Mega Bundle 

Option 2 This BRAND NEW unit is STEAM inspired. What is STEAM? STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics - and we have 70+ products in this MEGA bundle about these topics! 

The units in this bundle do what STEAM does best - promotes problem solving skills, teaches our kids to have a resilient growth mindset,creates opportunities for our kids to learn, encourages exploration of STEAM subjects, and teaches how all these subjects connect!

Scroll down below to check out all the amazing units in this wonderful STEAM mega bundle. Don't miss out on units you will love to use! And please enjoy our included E-Book guide, which is organized by STEAM topic so you can open and go with your STEAM unit studies! 

STEAM Templates (2).jpg
STEAM Templates (1).jpg

Our STEAM Mega Bundle sale is over but you can still purchase many of the resources from the bundle at the shops below.

Thank you for your support of our sale!

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