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Homesteading Anywhere: Becoming Self-Sufficient No Matter Where You Live
  • Homesteading Anywhere: Becoming Self-Sufficient No Matter Where You Live

    Our NEW Homesteading Anywhere Guide: Becoming Self-Sufficient No Matter Where You Live unit is designed to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to become more self-sufficient and sustainable, regardless of their living situation or location. Whether you reside in a rural area, suburban neighborhood, or urban apartment, this unit will provide you with practical tools and resources to embrace a more self-reliant lifestyle.


    In this unit you will find the following:

    *What is Homesteading?

    *Homesteading Goals Note Pages

    *How Can You Homestead in the City?

    *How to Homestead Flashcards

    *Urban Homesteading Benefits

    *Container Gardening How-To

    *Best Produce for Container Gardening

    *Vertical Gardening

    *Vertical Gardening Techniques

    *Easy DIY Soap and Cleaner Recipes for deodorant, soap, laundry detergent, lip balm, all 

    purpose cleaner, body scrub, hair mask and more

    *Easy Homesteading Food Recipes for homemade butter, granola, applesauce, omelettes, 

    peanut butter, french fries and more!

    *Urban-Friendly Livestock Options

    *What is Food Preservation & How-tos

    *Flashcards and 3-Part Cards

    *Coloring Pages

    *Matching Puzzles

    *My Homesteading Plan

    *My Compact Garden Plan

    *Virtual Field Trip and Notes

    Join us on this transformative journey towards homesteading anywhere where you will discover the joys of living a more self-reliant and connected life, no matter where you call home.


    * This is a digital product No physical item will be sent


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