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Angus Dissection & Unit Study
  • Angus Dissection & Unit Study

    Our BRAND NEW Angus Dissection & Unit Study! Dive deep into the fascinating world of Angus cows with this meticulously crafted unit that includes: 


    🐄A full paper dissection

    🐄Ruminant Digestion

    🐄Anatomy Diagrams

    🐄Meat Cuts

    🐄Menu Matching

    🐄Bone Broth Recipe

    🐄Bovine Ancestry

    🐄Ranch Math Word Problems

    🐄 Pin the stomach on the ruminant

    🐄 and more…!


     Our dissections are always designed with care and attention to detail! 


    🐄From understanding bovine ancestry to mastering the art of crafting nourishing bone broth recipes, learn about the many ways Angus cows benefit us all ✨ 


    Whether you’re child is a budding biologist or simply loves farm animals - this study is a great way to learn all about Angus Cows!🐮 


    * This is a digital product No physical item will be sent


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