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2. Giving Week 12 Weeks of Winter
  • 2. Giving Week 12 Weeks of Winter

    ❄️✨ Embrace the spirit of giving in Week 2 of "For the Love of Homeschooling: 12 Weeks of Winter"! 🌟🏠 Join us for a heartwarming journey filled with language arts, STEM, math, play, and crafting activities that celebrate the joy of generosity. 📚🎁 Let's create lasting memories as we explore the magic of giving back, spreading kindness, and learning together. 


    🎁Book Report Forms

    🎁Title, author, and illustrator cut & paste 


    🎁Language Arts:

    Parts of Speech Focus - Pronouns

    Giving Coloring Pages

    Flashcards and 3-Part Cards

    Make Your Own Flashcards and 3-Part Cards

    My Book of Giving

    Giving Writing Prompts



    Number 2 Recognition 

    Number 2 Fact Family

    Word Problems

    Gift Counting Game

    Multiplication Game

    Skip Counting by 2's Puzzles

    Count and Write

    Game: Count by 2s challenge


    🎁Play & Create: 

    Which One is Different?

    Draw and Match

    Trace The Lines

    Coloring Pages

    Design a Gift

    Gift Garland

    Memory Game

    Tic Tac Toe

    Mini Puzzles



    Engineering Gift Cubes


    🎁Arts & Handicrafts:

    3D Christmas Tree, Menorah, and Gift Boxes Craft

    Stamped Gift Wrap

    Gift Tags

    Gift Cards

    Evergreen Cookies to give Recipe


    Our suggested book of the week will inspire little hearts to discover the beauty of giving this winter season: What is Given from the Heart by Patrick McKissack and April Harrison.  Let the gift of giving from the heart be the most cherished gift this winter! ❄️🏡


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