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1. Hibernation 12 Weeks of Winter
  • 1. Hibernation 12 Weeks of Winter

    ❄️🏡 Dive into the cozy embrace of "For the Love of Homeschooling: 12 Weeks of Winter" as we kick off Week 1 with the wintry rest theme of HIBERNATION! 🐻✨ Join us on a journey filled with warmth and wonder, featuring language arts, STEM, math, play, and crafting activities that celebrate the everyday magic of the winter season. 


    📚🔍 Unleash your creativity with our curated list of engaging projects, and snuggle up with our suggested book, Winter Sleep: A Hibernation Story by Sean Taylor and Alex Morss, to make learning a heartwarming adventure! Look at everything included for our  week 1 learning adventure! 


    🐻Book Report Forms

    🐻Title, author, and illustrator cut & paste 


    🐻Language Arts:

    Parts of Speech Focus & Game - Nouns & Proper Nouns

    Coloring Pages

    Flashcards and 3-Part Cards

    Make Your Own Flashcards and 3-Part Cards

    Hibernation Early Reader Book Report Building

    Hibernation Writing Booklet 



    Number 1 Recognition 

    Counting, Adding, and Subtracting by ones

    Number 1 Fact Family

    Word Problems

    Addition & Subtraction Game

    Multiplication Game

    2D and 3D Shape Sorting Game

    Counting by 1's Puzzles

    Count and Write

    Game: Bear den 1s


    🐻Play & Create: 

    Going on a Bear Hunt Seek & Find

    Grizzly Bear Art 

    Den Materials Scavenger Hunt

    Animalium Pancakes Recipe

    Honey Butter Bear Sandwiches

    Which One is Different?

    Draw and Match

    Coloring Pages

    Memory Game

    Tic Tac Toe

    Mini Puzzles



    Grizzly Bear Anatomy Study

    Grizzly Bear Den Study

    Life Cycle Puzzle

    Hibernation, Brumation, and Torpor Reading

    Hibernation Prep Activity

    Hibernation, Brumation, and Torpor Snowball Fight

    Hibernation Narration

    Brumation Narration


    🐻Arts & Handicrafts:

    Felt Bear Project

    Hibernation Terrarium 


     🌙🐻 Let's make this winter a time of discovery, laughter, and endless joy! 



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