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I'm Samantha - a homesteading, home-educating mom of many. 

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For the Love of Homeschooling was created from my desire to share the beauty that homeschooling can be and to encourage others along the way! What started as a way to share my own family's homeschool journey has quickly become a beautiful community of homeschool moms, families and small shops that we love to support!

Over the years, our family has walked through many different seasons of life, and our homeschool has adapted in accordance with those seasons. We've gone from a heavily structured homeschool schedule to completely unschooling for a few years to our present homeschool rhythm, which is a beautiful mix of the two. But no matter what our days have looked like, I've found that a present and loving teacher or parent is truly all our children need to thrive!

Thank you so much for stopping by and being a part of this community! I truly hope that this will be an inclusive space where all homeschoolers feel welcomed, encouraged and inspired!


Thank you for being here!



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