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United Kingdom Unit Study
  • United Kingdom Unit Study

    From the Scottish Highlands, through the English countryside, into the mountain ranges of Wales, and across the Irish Sea to the Giant’s Causeway of Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom’s geography is quite mesmerizing! Taste the Scottish shortbread… Breathe in the sweet scent of Scottish thistle... Build a Castle… Observe the fog on the British moors… Enjoy an English afternoon tea… Come along for this amazing journey and explore the United Kingdom in the World Explorers Club! 


    In the March study, explorers will be introduced to the U.K. with daily units and activities, including:


    • Introduction to the basics: Geographical location, mapping, language, population 🗺️

    • National Representation: the flag, symbols, emblems ☕

    • Economy & Currency 🧳

    • Government & Religion ⚖️⛪

    • History in 5 Timeline ⌛

    • Nature & Conservation 🐿️

    • Geography & Landforms 🌄

    • Wildlife 🦔

    • Climate & Weather 🌫️

    • The Arts 📚

    • Music & Dance 🎼

    • Sports & Recreation ⚽

    • Holidays & Celebrations 💂

    • Food & Drink 🍽️

    • British Recipes📜

    • Playing original games; Continent Hop, Continent Trek, and Relic Race🎲

    • Completing engaging 🔬STEAM🧮 activities, like: 

      • Mixed Media English Garden

      • Royal Announcement Activities

      • Medieval Catapult

      • Giant’s Causeway Art🖼️

      • Red Squirrel drawing tutorial with artist Lara Saldaña

      • Bottle Fog🌫️

      • Build a Castle Activity

      • Rubber Glove Bagpipe🧤

      • Highland Games Design & Play

      • Buckingham Bookmarks💂

    • And that’s not all, even more is included! 


    Our March United Kingdom study is immersive and fun- and it’s available now so you can pack your bags, grab your passport, and journey with us to explore this amazing nation from day one! Please join us in exploring the beautiful geography that our planet has to offer!


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