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Let's Make Sourdough Unit Study
  • Let's Make Sourdough Unit Study

    Learn about Sourdough and how to make it in this guide created for the whole family!! Our Let’s Make Sourdough Guide not only covers the sourdough making process and includes delicious recipes but also takes you through the history of sourdough, health benefits of sourdough, and so much more all in an easy to follow lesson plan that you and your children will be able to enjoy together! 


    Embark on a delightful journey of discovery and creation with our special unit on making sourdough bread, designed for parents and children to enjoy together! 🍞🌾 Dive into the fascinating world of sourdough as we explore the art of fermentation, kneading, and baking, all while bonding and learning side by side. 


    Here’s more on what you will find in this fantastic upgrade:


    Let’s Make Sourdough Family Guide - Enjoy the art of sourdough making together with this incredible units that takes you through the various steps of sourdough making, the history, health benefits, tips and tricks for success, equipment used and so much more all in the custom for the Love of homeschooling style that seeks to have the whole family learning together through daily lessons and beautiful imagery.  Here's more on what's included:


    Posters & Flashcards:

    • Sourdough Anatomy
    • Bread Anatomy
    • Sourdough Ingredients
    • Starter Ingredients and Anatomy
    • Sourdough Making Tools
    • Sourdough Making tools three part cards


    Readings & Daily Activities - You have a daily reading and/or a supplied daily activity for the readings for 20 days. We have included a calendar of each day’s topic. We recommend you go through this unit and compile a list of activities you will want to do and supplies needed.


    Optional Extra Activities:

    • Write a Sourdough Story (Two templates supplied)
    • Sourdough bingo



    A Note about this unit study:


    At For the Love of Homeschooling, we always aim to have units be family-style learning and friendly. As such, we have included this as your main resource. These readings can easily be done with all ages.  The included STEM, craft, and paper activities will help your family gain a substantial knowledge of the basics of sourdough.



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