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Homesteading Mini Bundle
  • Homesteading Mini Bundle

    Our Homesteading Mini Bundle includes 4 incredible homestead themed resources including our Homestaeding Anywhere Guide (Reg $20), Homestead Mini Unit (Reg $8), Math on the Homestead Pack (Reg $10) and Homesteading Story & Poetry Prompts Pack (Reg $8)! These items sell for $46 when purchased individually but get them in this bundle for just $35!


    Here’s more on what you will find in each pack:


    Homestead Anywhere: Becoming Self-Sufficient no Matter Where You Live -

    Our NEW Homesteading Anywhere Guide: Becoming Self-Sufficient No Matter Where You Live unit is designed to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to become more self-sufficient and sustainable, regardless of their living situation or location. Whether you reside in a rural area, suburban neighborhood, or urban apartment, this unit will provide you with practical tools and resources to embrace a more self-reliant lifestyle.


    In this unit you will find the following:

    *What is Homesteading?

    *Homesteading Goals Note Pages

    *How Can You Homestead in the City?

    *How to Homestead Flashcards

    *Urban Homesteading Benefits

    *Container Gardening How-To

    *Best Produce for Container Gardening

    *Vertical Gardening

    *Vertical Gardening Techniques

    *Easy DIY Soap and Cleaner Recipes for deodorant, soap, laundry detergent, lip balm, all 

    purpose cleaner, body scrub, hair mask and more

    *Easy Homesteading Food Recipes for homemade butter, granola, applesauce, omelettes, 

    peanut butter, french fries and more!

    *Urban-Friendly Livestock Options

    *What is Food Preservation & How-tos

    *Flashcards and 3-Part Cards

    *Coloring Pages

    *Matching Puzzles

    *My Homesteading Plan

    *My Compact Garden Plan

    *Virtual Field Trip and Notes

    Join us on this transformative journey towards homesteading anywhere where you will discover the joys of living a more self-reliant and connected life, no matter where you call home.


    Homestead Mini Unit - All Ages

    Homesteading from Garden to Table - An engaging unit that will take you through a variety of homesteading learning themes from homesteading history and skills like how to make your own bread and veggies stock to seasonal garden skills like spring planting, summer growing and fall harvest, food preservation and spoilage


    Math on the Homestead - Ages 3-10

    Math on the Homestead will have your children learning math skills in a fun homesteading theme! Over 140 pages of homestead-inspired math activities!


    Math on the Homestead Activities

    • Flour Measuring Activity for Kids
    • DIY Water Filtration
    • Homestead Garden Planning Math Activity


    Math Activities:

    • Cupcake Skip Counting
    • Multiplication Match Game
    • Bread Shape Puzzles 2D and 3D
    • Homestead Multiplication Game
    • Homestead Graphing
    • Homestead Math
    • Numbers 1-12
    • Count and Clip
    • Count and Graph
    • Homestead Patterns
    • Roll, Add, and Cover
    • Roll and Cover
    • Math Fun on the Real Homestead Ideas


    Recipes, Crafts, and Stem

    • Simple Banana Muffins
    • Homemade Strawberry Jam
    • Homemade Pickles
    • Homemade Tomato Sauce


    Homesteading Story & Poetry Prompts - Ages 5-13

    ​​​​​​This pack of homesteading story and poetry prompts includes the following:


    • Anatomy of a Story Poster
    • Story Planning Page
    • 9 Photo Prompts with Story Planning & Writing Pages
    • 12 Story Prompts with Story Planning Pages
    • 12 Poetry Prompts
    • 8 Day-in-the-Life Prompts



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