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Harvest Nature Study
  • Harvest Nature Study

    Join For the Love of Homeschooling and the Nature Study Club this October, as our explorers enjoy studying harvest crops and farming, food preservation, and preparing for winter!


    The October Nature Study Club: Fall Harvest, will inspire and encourage the exploration of nature and all of its uses to our day-to-day life. In this study, explorers will enjoy daily units and activities, including:


    • Apples, Pumpkins, and corn, Oh my!: Discover each crop's life cycle, how they are harvested and preserved and complete fun activities related to each one

    • Farm Equipment: Create a lift a flap tractor and learn more about large farm equipment like tractors and combines!

    • Canning: Have you ever tried canning food? We have some simple recipes included to help you learn how to plus beutiful posters!

    • Dried vs. Fresh Herbs: Explore how herbs differ in flavor based on how they are preserved and used.

    • Gemstone Corn: Check out this month’s group art project, where you will make brilliantly colorful maize to celebrate the harvest! 

    • Winter Bulbs and crops: Learn how winter bulbs and crops are planted and grown during the coldest months of the year! 

    • Garden Hoop STEM: Discover why making garden hoops is better for your winter crops than using a plain cover! 

    • Watercolor Tutorial: Follow along with watercolor artist Bonnie as you paint a beautiful picture

    • Play Our Original Game: Harvesy Catagories! As well as several other fun games to help review what you learn

    • Plus so much more!   


    Our Nature Study Club explorers may be discovering the rocks in their neighborhood park, observing the water of a local stream, or simply soaking in the beauty of their own backyards, and each and every exploration is enthusiastically encouraged by our club. The Nature Study Club is committed to the belief that these exploration opportunities are all equally wonderful for the learning and growth of our children. This October study is another example of our desire to get our children out into their natural environment to grow their excited, exploring hearts and discover the nature around us!


    If you enjoy this unit be sure to check out our Nature Study Club where you can get our monthly nature studies for just $15/mth!


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