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Abraham Lincoln Biography Unit

Abraham Lincoln Biography Unit

Introducing our exciting new biography unit, just in time for President's Day! Dive into the life and legacy of one of America's most iconic leaders with For the Love of Homeschooling's Abraham Lincoln Biography Unit.


This comprehensive unit is designed to engage and inspire learners of all ages, offering a rich array of educational resources and hands-on activities.


The unit kicks off with a curated book list, carefully selected to provide diverse perspectives on Abraham Lincoln's life and accomplishments. From picture books for younger learners to in-depth biographies for older students, there's something for everyone to enjoy and learn from.


Students will embark on a fascinating journey through history with our timeline study, exploring key events and milestones in Lincoln's life. Graphic organizers provide a structured framework for organizing information and understanding the chronology of Lincoln's presidency.


But that's not all – our unit goes beyond the basics to explore the deeper themes of Lincoln's legacy. A thought-provoking reading on Lincoln's Legacy of Unity invites students to reflect on the enduring principles of leadership and unity that defined Lincoln's presidency.


Delve into the symbolism of the American flag with a special focus on how Lincoln upheld the values it represents. 


Anatomy charts of the penny and the Lincoln Memorial provide a unique opportunity to explore the historical significance of these iconic symbols.


Get hands-on with STEM activities as students conduct experiments using pennies and water to explore variables and surface tension. It's a fun and interactive way to reinforce scientific concepts while learning about the currency that bears Lincoln's image.


And of course, no unit on Lincoln would be complete without a taste of history. Two delicious recipes are included: Lincoln's favorite apple bread pudding and classic late 1800s johnnycakes. Whip up these tasty treats and experience a culinary journey back in time.


Whether you're a homeschooling family looking for a comprehensive unit study or a teacher seeking engaging resources for your classroom, our Abraham Lincoln Biography Unit has something for everyone. Celebrate President's Day in style with For the Love of Homeschooling – where learning meets fun!


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