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Mushrooms & Fungi Nature Study

Whether looking at the trees with shelf-like mushroom growths, staring at the mold that has developed far too soon on the loaf of bread in your cupboard, or being amused by the caterpillar while reading Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, one thing is clear, there is fungus among us! For the Love of Homeschooling is ready to explore that fungus with our Nature Study Club explorers!

You can so DIY projects like this terrarium below - you can find this in our Senior and Explorer Workbooks.

Join us for our April Nature Study Club: Mushrooms & Fungi, where explorers will become mycologists as they investigate the world around them, discovering the many places they may find the members of the kingdom fungi! During this study, our explorers will be amazed by the mushrooms of the forest floor, the mold growing on their old sandwich, the medicine they may take with a case of strep throat, and the future of mushroom technology! Get your magnifying glasses and microscopes ready, because our explorers are sure to have some fun-times with these fun-gi!

Explorers take an in-depth look at the incredible world of these fungal friends and foes with daily topics and activities, including:

  • Taxonomy and the kingdom fungi

  • Mushroom anatomy

  • Researching the unique life cycle of a mushroom!

  • Learning about mycorrhizas and symbiotic relationships in nature!

  • Studying foraging and edible mushrooms!

  • Learning about the dangers of poisonous mushrooms!

  • Exploring bracket fungi/polypores and their distinctive growth patterns

  • Discovering biomimicry in the world of mushrooms!

  • Learning about pathogenic fungi, as well as the development of medicinal fungi

  • Studying the funny names of fungi!

  • Completing engaging STEAM group activities like; Fungi Dissection, Mushroom Sculptures, How Penicillin Works, and more!

  • Investigating mushrooms & fungi folklore and mythology with stories about fairy rings, lightning strikes and fungi, Ancient Egyptians and mushrooms, and Irish mushroom wisdom!

  • And that’s not all, even more is included!

Nature is captivating. Nature is interesting. Nature is inviting! It is waiting to be explored! For the Love of Homeschooling wants to explore the beauty and wonder of nature with you! Whether we are viewing the beautiful birds in the sky, observing the changes in seasons, discovering the animals of the polar regions, or foraging for mushrooms in the forest, we are learning, growing, and thriving together in nature! This study is just another unit of our Nature Study Club that offers education, of course, but it offers the experience, which is amazing!

With the opportunity extended, the encouragement provided, and the nourishment given, we can offer our explorers one-of-a-kind, natural world education. At For the Love of Homeschooling, we believe that all of our explorers can do big things, and we strive to include each and every explorer in this endeavor! That is what sets this nature study apart from any other out there! Our club offers a direct focus on family-style learning of nature-themed topics, plentiful STEAM opportunities, and the use of academic skills in a fun and creative way!

Our club creators work diligently to create studies that allow your child to enjoy absorbing the information through exciting teaching, thought-provoking activities, and curiosity-sparking projects, all with the goal to inspire deeper learning and rabbit trails everywhere. To help with this continued and inspired learning, we also include carefully curated, on-theme booklists!

Featuring original, life-like illustrations, brilliant readings, and customized learning activities, this Mushrooms & Fungi study is wonderful - and it’s available now so you can start strong with our club on day one! But, the exploration won’t stop at the end of April - you can continue to explore with us in our May unit, Nature Study Around Me!

Remember, we love seeing our explorers work alongside others across the globe as this creates a true club feeling. When you join the Nature Study Club, we invite you to follow us on Instagram and post often about your own club experiences! We would love to see your explorers in action! Seeing the posts of other Nature Study Club families also benefits one another as it may offer you further ideas for how to implement this study into your unique schooling experience. Hope to see you there, fellow explorers!

As a bonus, every month you get a full length watercolor video tutorial, with our talented watercolor artist Bonnie Hunt! Join us for art and exploration!

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