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Winter Signs & Survival Nature Study
  • Winter Signs & Survival Nature Study

    Join For the Love of Homeschooling and the Nature Study Club this December, as our explorers enjoy studying the 


    The December Nature Study Club: Winter Nature Signs & Survival will teach you about survival skills in the great white north, or anywhere you may find yourself adventuring through a winter wilderness! 


    Survival skills: Learn what to pack for the winter, how to find shelter, and more! 


    Ice safety: Discover the safest colors for ice - as well as ice thickness and other helpful survival tips. 


    Learn how to start a fire safely, and also create a blown paint campfire!


    Discover how to hydrate in extreme conditions - without lowering your core body temperature! 


    Create a survival lanyard using survival supplies for our monthly Group art project!


    Practice engineering with duct tape engineering in our group STEM this month! 


    Make your very own energizing granola bar snacks to munch on as you sip tea and complete an art tutorial by @dwellinglogs 


    Learn about winter insulation, and how snow is shockingly one of the warmest insulators nature provides! 


    Our Nature Study Club explorers will learn that survival is more than just a distant skillset you will never use - this unit has safety and survival skills for everyone! 


    The Nature Study Club extends to each and everyone of our explorers, encouragement and guidance for an amazing natural world education. From the earliest explorers to the more seasoned explorers, we strive to capture the interest of all, regardless of age or ability! Our club offers multiple levels of learning activities, a direct focus on family-style learning, plentiful STEAM opportunities for all ages, and the use of a wide range of academic skills in a fun and creative way! 


    Reflecting the natural beauty around us, our student workbooks feature stunning,  original watercolor art by our amazingly talented artists, Bonnie Hunt and Lara Saldaña. Each unit offers an original art tutorial taught by the artist! The workbooks are also well organized, detailed, and easy to use with insightful readings and customized learning activities. With both beauty and ease of use, parents/teachers will enjoy including this club in their curriculum! 


    Our writers work diligently to offer engaging teaching, thought-provoking activities, and curiosity-sparking projects. We aspire to the goals of providing meaningful learning and inciting meandering rabbit trails everywhere! To guide our explorers on their rabbit trail endeavors, we also include carefully curated, on-theme booklists. 


    If you enjoy this unit be sure to check out our Nature Study Club where you can get our monthly nature studies for just $15/mth!


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