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Valentine's Early Learning Pack
  • Valentine's Early Learning Pack

    Our newest early learning pack is here just in time for Valentine's day! This pack features over 95 pages of early learning and play activities for your children! 


    Here's all that's included:


    Play Activities

    • Valentine's Scavenger Hunt
    • Make Your Own Valentines Cards
    • Learn to Draw a Heart Worksheet
    • Printable Tea Party Set
    • Valentine's Party Invitations 
    • Valentine's Garland
    • Valentine's Bingo


    Literacy Activities:

    • A - Z Valentine's Words 3 Part Cards
    • A - Z Flashcards
    • Word Tracing Worksheets
    • Upper & Lower Case Matching Cards
    • Letter Recognition Worksheets
    • My Book of Valentine's Words Tracing & Coloring Book


    Math Activities

    • Counting Worksheets
    • Number Recognition Worksheets
    • Number Tracing
    • Count 7 Clip Cards 1 - 12
    • Matching Worksheets
    • Patterning Worksheet
    • Graphing Worksheets
    • Simple Addition Problems
    • Number 0 - 12 Flashcards
    • Shape Flashcards
    • Addition & subtraction with sweets printable game


    This product is a digital download.


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