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United States of America Unit Study
  • United States of America Unit Study

    Join us for our BRAND NEW United States of America Unit Study! Just in time to celebrate Independence Day we hope to add excitement to geography studies by inviting our explorers to journey to a new country each month and discover the beauty of the people, the culture, the lands, the natural life, the animals, and more! In this July study, explorers will be introduced to the USA with daily units and activities, including:


    • Introduction to the basics: Geographical location, mapping, language, population 🗺️

    • USA Representation: the flag, symbols, emblems 🦅

    • Economy & Currency 💵

    • Government & Religion ⚖️⛪

    • History in 5 Timeline 📖

    • Nature & Conservation 🌳

    • Geography & Landforms ⛰️

    • Wildlife 🐊

    • Climate & Weather 🌪️

    • Arts: Literature & Painting 🎨

    • Arts: Music & Dance 🎺

    • Sports & Recreation 🏈

    • Holidays & Celebrations 🎆

    • Food & Drink 🥧

    • Completing engaging STEAM activities like: Tornado In a Jar, red wolf drawing tutorial and Pop Art use of color tutorial with artist Lara Saldaña, DIY red, white & blue kazoo, and more! 

    • Playing our original games, Continent Trek and Relic Race!

    • And that’s not all, even more is included! 


    This unit is the very first of our new line of country units and that we will be releasing each month in our World Explorers Club! To join the club for just $10/mth head to the link below :


    World Explorers Club Members 


    We are truly excited for about exploring the amazing countries of our planet with the new explorers of the World Explorers Club, and we can’t wait to get started! USA will be a fun learning experience and we hope to be traveling alongside each and every one of you on this journey! One thing is certain about this place we call home, there are endless exploration possibilities and all are genuinely encouraged by For the Love of Homeschooling! This premiere July geography study is testament to our love and commitment to nourish the exploring hearts of our children by taking them to the ends of the Earth to embrace the countries around us! 


    At the heart of For the Love of Homeschooling, we believe that all of our explorers can benefit from our unique learning adventures. The World Explorers Club is excitedly extended to the earliest explorers, all the way through to the more seasoned explorers. Setting this geography study apart from others, we strive to fully include and capture the interest of each explorer, regardless of age or ability! Our club offers learning activities for varied skill levels and most importantly a direct focus on family-style learning while catering to those different ability levels. Also included are plentiful STEAM opportunities for all ages, and the use of a wide range of academic skills in a fun and creative way!


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