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The AIL Word Family Learning Pack
  • The AIL Word Family Learning Pack

    Learn all about the AIL Family in this snail-themed learning pack! This pack includes a variety of activities for children aged 2-10 including literacy, math and play! Here's more on what's included:


    Literacy Activities:

    • AIL Family 3-Part Cards
    • AIL Word Family Flashcards
    • Color the Letters
    • Find the Words
    • Verb, Noun, and Adjective Sorting
    • Snail Alphabetical Order
    • AIL Family Word Search
    • My Book of AIL Words
    • Syllable Sorting
    • Snail Garland


    Math Activities

    • Addition and Subtraction Mats
    • Counting by 4s
    • Skip Counting Puzzles 6s and 7s
    • Snail Multiplication Game
    • 3D Shape Matching
    • Snail Graphing
    • Snail Size Sorting
    • Number Word Matching


    Play Activities:

    • Peanut Butter and Jelly Snail Recipe
    • Egg Carton Snail Craft
    • AIL Family Scavenger Hunt
    • Brown Scavenger Hunt
    • Snail Anatomy Poster and Cut and Paste Activity


    This is a digital Product. No physical items will be sent.


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