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Tanzania Unit Study
  • Tanzania Unit Study

    Join us for our World Explorers Club Unit all about Tanzania From the sun-drenched savanna to the highest peak of Kilimanjaro, the beauty of Africa is abundant in the amazing country of Tanzania! Join the World Explorers as we explore the geographical magnificence of this nation. We will embark on a safari through the lands of the brave lion, map the path of the great wildebeest during its annual migration, dance to the beat of the ngoma drum, sip on spice-filled chai, and enjoy delicious melt-in-your-mouth mandazi! In the September study, explorers will be introduced to Tanzania with daily units and activities, including:


    Geographical location, mapping, language, population 🗺️

    National Representation: the flag, symbols, emblems 🦒

    Economy & Currency 💵

    Government & Religion ⚖️⛪

    History in 5 Timeline 📖

    Nature & Conservation 🦏

    Geography & Landforms ⛰️

    Wildlife 🦓

    Climate & Weather ☀️

    Arts: Folk Arts 🖼️

    Arts: Music & Dance 🎵

    Sports & Recreation ⚽

    Holidays & Celebrations 🎉

    Food & Drink ☕

    Completing engaging STEAM activities like: Tanzanian tea art, waterfall engineering, black rhino drawing tutorial with artist Lara Saldaña, lion mixed media art, monsoon making, DIY ngoma drum, and more! Playing our original games, Continent Hop, Continent Trek, and Relic Race!And that’s not all, even more is included!


    The great world around us is just waiting to be explored! For the Love of Homeschooling wants to explore the beauty and wonder of the geography of the world with you! Whether we are viewing the landforms decorating the Earth, observing the natural landscapes stretching before us, exploring the nature that calls these geographical regions home, or discovering the people and the culture of these lands, we are sure to be amazed and intrigued with our exploration endeavors!

    This study is just another offering from For the Love of Homeschooling that offers education, of course, but it offers the experience, which is amazing! 


    The For the Love of Homeschooling World Explorers Club is an in-depth, all-ages curriculum that can be enjoyed worldwide and aims to give you and your children an opportunity to study the amazing countries around the world! After purchasing this stand alone unit, maybe you will want to join us in our travels to countries around the world as the World Explorer’s Club newest member! Join us! 


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