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Switzerland Unit Study
  • Switzerland Unit Study

    From the snowy peaks of the Swiss Alps, across the green of the Swiss Plateau, and to the forested Jura Mountain range, Switzerland’s geography looks as though it was plucked out of a storybook and placed on the Earth for explorers to enjoy! So, let’s explore it together! The musical yodels… The clanging cowbells… Avalanche!… The lush green hills and valleys… And yes, the cheese and the chocolate!... It’s all here in our Switzerland Unit Study! 


    In this 4 week study, explorers will be introduced to Switzerland with daily units and activities, including:


    • Introduction to the basics: Geographical location, mapping, language, population 🗺️

    • National Representation: the flag, symbols, emblems 🍫

    • Economy & Currency ⌚

    • Government & Religion ⚖️⛪

    • History in 5 Timeline ⌛

    • Nature & Conservation 🌲

    • Geography & Landforms 🏔️

    • Wildlife 🐐

    • Climate & Weather ❄️

    • The Arts 🖼️

    • Music & Dance 🎼

    • Sports & Recreation ⛷️

    • Holidays & Celebrations 🐮

    • Food & Drink 🍽️

    • Swiss Recipes📜

    • Playing original games; Continent Hop, Continent Trek, and Relic Race🎲

    • Completing engaging 🔬STEAM🧮 activities, like: 

      • Story of the Swiss Army Knife

      • Carac Clocks🕜

      • Be a Romanesque Architect

      • Neutrality: A Balancing Act⚖️

      • Bearded Vulture drawing tutorial with artist Lara Saldaña

      • Avalanche!🏔️

      • Swiss River Drainage

      • Learn to Yodel-Ay-Ee-Ooo!😲

      • Alphorn Anatomy

      • Desalpe Cows on Parade🐮

    • And that’s not all, even more is included! 


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