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SN is for Snake Learning Pack
  • SN is for Snake Learning Pack

    Learn about the SN blend and so much more in our Sn is for Snake learning pack! This pack is filled with learning activities that cover literacy, math, and play activities in a fun snake-themed pack! 


    Literacy Activities:

    • SN Word 3-Part Cards
    • SN Word Flashcards
    • Color the Letters
    • Find the Words
    • Snake Research Page
    • Adverb and Verb Sorting
    • My Book of SN Words
    • Long and Short Vowel Sorting
    • Opposites Matching Game
    • Snake Garland


    Math Activities

    • Color the Fractions
    • Addition and Subtraction Mats
    • Counting by Tens
    • Skip Counting Puzzles 2s and 10s
    • Even and Odd Sorting
    • Multiplication True or False Sort
    • Fun with Tally Marks
    • Solve and Clip
    • 3D Shape Matching


    Play Activities:

    • Snake Snack Recipe
    • Snake Craft
    • SN Sound Scavenger Hunt
    • Green Scavenger Hunt




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