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Shark Ocean Sample Pack
  • Shark Ocean Sample Pack

    Get an inside look at the For the Love of Homeschool Nature Study Club with this sample pack from our BRAND NEW Ocean Unit!


    This pack contains readings, printables, and activities from week 2 of our Ocean Unit, including:


    • Teacher's guide for Day 9: 
    • The accompanying lessons from each Student Workbooks
    • A few items from our Printable Pack all about sharks!
    • A booklist for this unit study
    • and the 20-lesson overview to see all that this unit study has to offer!


    Here’s a little snippet of our reading today from our Teacher’s Guide: 


    “Sharks are still quite mysterious when it comes to how they reproduce. First of all, they have eggs. We say they have eggs, because not all sharks lay eggs outside their bodies. Some sharks do, and we know them as oviparous sharks. These sharks lay what we know as egg cases. These egg cases also go by the idiomatic name (nickname) of “mermaid’s purses.” 


    Our stunning student workbooks feature age appropriate learning activities, STEM, and resources for family style learning, like today’s group project– paint a hammerhead with watercolor artist Bonnie Hunt! 


    Today our Little Explorers (ages 3-5) learn about the great white shark life cycle with a cut and paste activity!


    Our Junior Explorers (ages 6-8) discover more about the amazing shark with an exciting electroreception activity!


    Our Senior Explorers (ages 9-11) explore the world of the sharks with an original shark rescue game! 


    Our Expert Explorers (ages 12+) learn all about protecting our oceans’ keystone species with an original shark rescue game!



    Nature Study Club


    * This is a digital resource. No physical item will be sent 


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