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Polar Animals Nature Study
  • Polar Animals Nature Study

    Join us for our Polar Animals Nature Study, where you will explore the natural world of the Arctic and Antarctic regions and view the polar animals that call these places home in a whole new light! 


    Explorers take an in-depth look at the fascinating natural world of the North and South Poles with daily topics and activities, including:

    • What is a biome? Explorers create flora & fauna terrariums and learn about the biomes and ecosystems living amongst the poles of our Earth.

    • Learning about the lichen found in the Arctic tundra, and creating mixed media lichen art. 

    • Exploring what living in the Arctic Circle looks like with cultural differences, Inuit studies, and a fun soap carving group activity to create Inuk sculptures! 

    • Discovering who lives, or doesn’t live in the Antarctic Circle. 

    • Studying how glaciers and icebergs differ with an iceberg properties STEM activity, as well as a glacial pressure STEM lab! 

    • Researching Iceberg Alley with a fun tourism activity!

    • Learning which animals live at each pole, dispelling the common belief that polar bears and penguins are next door neighbors! 

    • Discovering the food chain/pyramid of the Arctic and establishing where our studied animals fit into this natural cycle.

    • Discussing differences between a rabbit and an Arctic snowshoe hare.

    • Exploring how the Arctic Fox’s natural adaptations make it successful in its harsh environment. 

    • Reading about Snowy Owls and observing how their down feathers keep their feet warm with a STEM activity. 

    • Dissecting owl pellets on your dining room table! We promise, this is a mess and smell free experiment😉

    • Diving into the world of penguins in the Antarctic and discovering how their feathers are waterproof with another group activity!

    • Experiencing the massive size of the polar bear with polar bear measurements! 

    • Researching the interesting Narwhal and playing a game of Pin the Tooth on the Narwhal. 

    • Discovering the concept of biomimicry and discussing how humans learn and benefit from animal design!

    • Complete a watercolor narwhal tutorial with artist Bonnie Hunt!

    • Reading polar animal-inspired poetry while having teatime and enjoying delicious treats with recipes included! Have you had Polar Bear Paws or Arctic Ice Cream?! Yum!

    • Completing custom Final Projects for each age level, which are creative and engaging, and offer a fun approach to review all of this amazing information that explorers have learned!

    • And even more not listed here! 


    Whether your child is creating a paper airplane to mimic the underwater aerodynamics of the penguin, playing the original game of Snowshoe Hare Journeys Home, or watching a documentary on the polar bear, they are sure to love all that they learn about the polar creatures in this study!


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