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Ocean Upgrade Survival Forest Schooling Mega Bundle
  • Ocean Upgrade Survival Forest Schooling Mega Bundle

    Embark on an exciting underwater adventure with our Ocean Bundle Upgrade! With this upgrade you get all 70 products included in the Survival & Forest Schooling Mega Bundle PLUS a comprehensive collection of resources that will transport you to the depths of the ocean and introduce you to the fascinating marine world. Whether you're a marine enthusiast, educator, or a family looking to explore the wonders of the sea, this bundle is your gateway to a world of discovery and learning. Here’s more on what’s included in this bundle:


    🌿Ocean Nature Study: Immerse yourself in the beauty and diversity of marine life with our Ocean Nature Study guide, featuring in-depth exploration of ocean ecosystems, marine species, the coral wonderlands, and the waves and tides and so much more!


    Ocean Nature 911 Cards: Be prepared for any marine emergencies with our Ocean Nature 911 Cards, providing essential first aid tips and emergency response strategies for common ocean-related incidents such as rip currents, tide pool safety, jellyfish stings and aquatic invasive species


    🦀 A House for a Hermit Crab Book Pack: Did you know that marine hermit crabs decorate their shell? They are quite the designers! This book companion brings out facts about the hermit crab from classifications, life cycles, to anatomy! Included is a fun craft, marine creature cards, and story cards


    🔤 O is for Ocean Learning Pack: Dive into the alphabet with our "O is for Ocean" Learning Pack, a fun and educational resource that introduces children to ocean-themed vocabulary and concepts through engaging activities.


    🐬 Ph is in Dolphin: Learn about the Ph sound and so much more all in a fun dolphin-theme pack that covers dolphin anatomy, language arts, math, play and more!


    Sh is for Shark: Learn about the SH sound and so much more with this fun shark-inspired pack that covers language arts, math, play, types of sharks and more!


    Wh is for Whale: Learn about the WH sound and so much more with this fun whale-inspired pack that covers language arts, math, play, types of whales and more!


    🃏 Ocean Identification Cards: Test your knowledge of marine life with our Ocean Identification Cards! This set features 24 ocean themed flashcards and 3 part cards for a variety of marine life


    Ocean Literacy Pack: This fun ocean themed pack includes literacy activities for children of all ages.


    🌊 The resources in this upgrade sell for $78 on their own but get them all for $14 when you purchase the Ocean Upgrade! Head to the link in our bio and choose the Ocean Upgrade Option to get your bundle today and set sail on an unforgettable voyage of exploration and learning in the enchanting world of the sea! 🐠



    That’s over $775 worth of resources for just $39!!


    * This is a digital product. No physical item will be sent

    • List of Included Products


      Acorns & Aprons

      • 3 Poisonous Plants

      • 48 Nature Crafts

      • Spore Prints

      • Wild Morel Mushroom Bundle


      A Handful of Blessings

      • Homemade Herbal Remedies for Health & Home


      A Sense of Home

      • ABC Camping Interactive Notebook 

      • Weather Smash Pack


      Barefoot Child 

      • Bushcraft 101 Guide (+free nature journal)

      • My Wild Coloring Book

      • What I Might Find Out in the Wild- vocabulary flashcards- forest school

      • Forest School NATURE HUNT FLASHCARDS


      Crafts Fun & Learning 

      • Wilderness Writing Book

      • Wilderness Story Cards


      Dwelling Logs

      • A Family Lesson on Wilderness First Aid



      • Let’s Explore: Cave Nature Journal

      • Let’s Explore: Desert & Scrubland Journal

      • Let’s Explore: Mountain Nature Journal


      Folksy Tots

      • Bug Early Learning Bundle

      • DIY Nature Journal

      • Nature Inspired Affirmation Cards

      • Wild Explore Badge Challenge



      • Aspen Leaf Miner Unit

      • Bear Safety Unit

      • Borealology Game

      • Caribou Dissection Unit

      • Coyotes of North America Unit Study

      • DIY Multitool

      • Douglas Mawson Biography Unit

      • Emergency Preparedness Writing pack & Story prompts

      • Ernest Shackleton Biography Unit

      • First Aid Early Learning Pack

      • First Aid 911 Card Pack

      • Forest Shadow Puppet Theater

      • Lynx Unit Study

      • Natural Disasters: Water

      • Natural Disasters: Fire & Heat

      • Natural Disasters: Winter 

      • Reading Maps & Topography

      • Spring & Summer Poetry 

      • Summer Writing Prompts

      • Survival Skills: Finding Water

      • Survival Skills: Shelter Building

      • Survival Skills: Start a Fire

      • What’s That Sound Game?

      • Whiteout Game

      • Whittling Mini Unit

      • Winter Game Pack


      Gabitat Emporium

      • Forage Wheel of the Year 


      Happy Hedgehog Post

      • Mindful Resilience: A Guide to Strengthening Your Mental Well-Being

      • Radiant Resilience: Affirmation Cards for Inner Glow


      HeartSpark Homeschool

      • Island of the Blue Dolphin Unit Study

      • Knot Tying Unit


      Little Homeschool on the Prairie 

      • Wild Plant Identification Pack


      Love School At Home

      • Explore Medicinal Plants


      Mind Sprout

      • Animal Tracks Unit


      Montessori in Daily Life

      • Marvelous Minibeasts Unit Study


      My Mega Bundles

      • 7 World Summits Study


      My Texas Homeschool

      • Hatchet Novel Guide: Rhetorical Analysis

      • Bilingual Bird Nature Study

      • Nature Study Lap Book


      Organized Homeschool Mom

      • Woodland Unit Study


      Rooted Homelife

      • Herbs, Foraging & Herbal Remedies

      • Slow Down Notebooking Guide


      Pepper & Pine Montessori

      • Snakes Unit


      The Art Kit

      • Owl Bingo


      The Wild and Free Mom

      • Butterfly Unit Study 


      Wild Feather Edu

      • ESCAPE! Tropical Island


      Wildflowers by Sarah

      • Dandelions Unit


      Willow & Owl

      • Forest Explorers Unit


      Wonderhouse Creative

      • Survival Escape Room 

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